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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2012.

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  2. Morrison didn't leave WWE willingly, his contract expired. :pity:
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  3. So he's trying to make it in the movies? :lol1:
  4. Umm... From what I remember, He was pretty good in the ring BUT awful on the mic! How is he going to act in movies if he couldn't play ONE role for several years? I mean his character was awful in wwe! The Great Khali had more charisma!

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  5. I wouldn't go THAT far :haha:

    I like that JoMo doesn't give a damn about the WWE

    I just hope TNA doesn't sign him or something.
  6. Khali < Hornswoggle.
  7. I liked Morrison as a heel, especially the arrogance he obtained when he captured the ECW World championship, and glad to see he's doing well and is with Melina. Hope stuff works out for the both of them, glad Morrison doesn't give a fuck about the WWE :haha:
  8. It's a shame Morrison won't be returning to WWE. I saw him on tournament of nerds, a stand up show, a rap video he made of HHH & Taker, and a funny or die skit. A moment of silence for a great talent (not so much on the mic) :downer:

    Also part of this is fake. Melina is not dating Morrison because she's clearly dating me. The only part that's true about her is that torn calf muscle...that was a wild night :otunga:
  9. This.

    I really don't see him making it in Hollywood. I mean he wasn't very convincing in WWE where pretty much everyone are C grade actors, so how in the hell is he going to make in Hollywood? :haha:
  10. Maybe as a stuntman. :haha:
  11. Why don't they make a porno? I mean they looked good during their intro, would like to see some real splits. :truE:
  12. Yeah, then Mike Knox and Batista would come by and Morrison would be the camera guy. :lol1:
  13. :mog: Then Bobby Lashley breaks through the walls as he hits his finisher, The Dominator, on her.
  14. maybe he will come back to WWE when he fails in the movie industry :((
  15. It probably won't take long.
  16. An actor with no Charisma :never:
  17. John Morrison making it in the movies wow
  18. Trying to make it yes.
  19. Not making it, actually.
  20. Best of luck to Morrison. Hopefully he returns one day because he was exciting to watch.
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