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    Good. Orton as a heel is great imo
  2. I hope he turns heel. I want to see face punting, spit in your face trash talking Orton again. He had more crowd appeal in my opinion and felt like more of a credible character as well.
  3. Expected at Suvivor Series.
    Expected at Royal Rumble.
    Expected at Elimination Chamber
    Expected at WM.
    Turn him for god sakes
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  4. Just watch how him beating down Sheamus will turn him into an even bigger baby face lol.
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  5. Swerve

    Sheamus attacks Orton.

    WWE to IWC: :troll:
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  6. I'd rather Sheamus turn heel than Orton anyway, to be honest.
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  7. I agree with this actually. Orton can pull off a face much better than Sheamus. Sheamus as a heel was awesome!
  8. Sheamus as heel is alright. Nothing special IMO.
    It'd just reduce the current hate I have for him as of now.
    I don't even hate Orton that much as of now, only when he beat Christian for the World Heavyweight Champion.
  9. Orton as a heel is just more entertaining.
  10. Jesus fucking Christ, Orton was supposed to turn heel for months, enough of these fake ass rumors, I'll believe it when I see it.
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  11. Pretty much this, I also just don't think people would ever boo him anyways.
  12. Orton turning heel doesn't suit WWE's string of logic at all. They only want to turn guys like Ryback who the fans have a reason to cheer.
  13. He needs to turn as soon as possible, he sucks as a face, but as they said before, the turn has been expected a lot of times and didn't happen maybe this time isn't true too
  14. I'd rather not, he'll still be a monotonous promo his matches are so slow as a heel plus heel Orton would result in a Orton push taking the spotlight of Ziggler and Henry or he'd have a snorefest feud with Shaymoose. Plus the crowd would fight it anyway.
  15. Will work if they bring back the punt. If he punts Jericho, for example, he'll get net ant major heat. It also allows Jericho to take off a-GAIN!
  16. :true:
  17. I doubt it, people cheered for him when he was punting people before. If he does turn there is no reason for people to expect the viper persona as it'll just get him cheered again resulting in a random face turn 6 months down the line.
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    If Orton is to turn heel he needs to create a reason for people to hate him. As people have pointed out the viper persona is what got him cheered in the first place so reverting to that will not help. Considering how popular he is with the female demographic I almost fear that to make him hated he would have to assault a woman physically or similar, something the WWE doesn't have the guts to do in today's PC environment.
  19. Orton does make a good heel.
  20. Sounds quite likely indeed.
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