Latest on Steve Austin wrestling again! (BIG NEWS)

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  1. This would be EPIC! If he is in good enough shape he can do one match! Do it WWE!
  2. Omg I'd mark for Austin vs Punk. That has the potential to be SO good.
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  3. yeah stoncold and punk will be great
  4. I would love that feud! It would refresh Punk & Austin fans would be all :fap: :ksi: :woo1: over his return!
  5. Punk vs Austin would be the perfect match. PG Era vs Attitude Era.
  6. And straight edge vs beer lover :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. We've known this for quite awhile. But Austin said he wouldn't work a Wrestlemania unless his match was the headline of the show (as it should be.)

    That'a an odd way of putting it since Punk is much closer to being an Attitude-type of character than someone who represents PG. I also don't see this feud happening anytime soon (and thus, probably ever) since Punk is set to return as a baby face. Without the face and heel dynamic to it, it just won't work.
  8. Austin revealed as the "higher power" of Aces & Eights. :jeritroll:
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  9. They could always just turn Punk heel when in time for the feud with Austin. I'm sure Austin returning to WWE will be something they know well in advance, so they can plan accordingly (or just scramble at the very last minute to get things done, seems more WWE's style) but if Austin's coming back to wrestle, I'm sure he'll get exactly what he wants (which could also be a match with Lesnar if I recall correctly; I remember him saying that if Punk was a face, Brock would be the guy). Though, I really don't foresee Austin coming out of retirement this year, or really ever. And I don't particularly care if he ever does either.
  10. For people that thing Stone Cold will never wrestler again! Need to think for a secord! Stone Cold have not been Raw or SmackDown TV for over 3 years! I think the last time he was on TV was for the Tough Enough thing! Don't all thing WWE is doing this on probosrd!? So when he does return and chagaes someone to match at mostly WrestleMania! It would am EPIC GREATNESS TO IT!? Like when The Rock 1st cam for the 1st time in 7 years! WWE want it to get SHOCK ABOUT HIS RETURN!
  11. Him putting someone over would be great.
  12. Next year's Wrestlemania would be appropriate for an Austin return, especially with him saying again here recently that he's ready to wrestle again. But Punk is definitely returning to a humongous pop and since fans can't help but cheer him and there's rumors of a Brock/Punk feud later in the year, I don't see them turning him heel just to feud with Austin. I'd rather see the Austin/Lesnar match, honestly.

    I think it's important that the match needs to happen as soon as possible because by the time 31 or 32 gets here, not only will Austin be about 50, but there might be another big superstar who's blown up by then and would be a better match than Punk. There's also that feeling that even if that wasn't the case, Punk might end up dropping down the card since he strikes as being at the level of someone like Jericho anyway. By then, a match with Austin wouldn't even be that desirable. They need to go with it while Punk's star is shining the brightest.
  13. 1st of all stone clod and brock WILL NEVER HAVE BEEN! Stone Cold cleverbold himslef if he got in the ring with Brock! As for Stone Cold and CM Punk at WM30 I would ownly like it if it was for the Title since as we since in there promo on WWE13 would all tie into it! But for that have been I think Stone Cold would have to wrestling another before that!? Inless that CM Punk win the WWE Title and have Stone Cold win the Rumble. As for Brock vs. Punk that match is not having at WM30 it having at SummerSlam if that will still have it!? And knowing WWE we maybe seeing Brock/HHH 4 :lol1: but seruis WWE will do something like that I know it maybe even Cena vs. Brock 2 and or 3 since Brock beat at Backlash of 2003 if that count that in the feud!? As for Punk turning heel he is heel right lol! Wil come back as face maybe? I rather him come back as a Anti-Heros Though like in 2011 of July-Oct. He was at his best drawing that way. ones he turn into a WHOLE face WWE FUCK HIM UP! By not have main event which really fair was the proablm to why he was not "drawing" like people were bitching about. I do think CM punk could carry himself a the top face of WWE if he main event more and vs. right guys and most inportly just let him be himslef like he was doing in 2011 as Anti-Heros that how got the most buzz. Not to some funny guy and try to the next cena b/c belive CM PUNK DOES NOT WANT TO BE HIM!
  14. I doubt Austin would want to get in the ring with Lesnar as of now considering his condition.
    Punk Vs. Austin is more likely than Lesnar Vs. Austin.
  15. A guy can dream right?
  16. Austin vs Punk would be a dream come true. To see those two in the same ring would be magical if Austin is really in as great of shape as this guy is saying he is.
  17. WM 3O Austin has come back to face : JINDER MAHAL
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  18. lol The match the world needs to see happen.
  19. Meh. I'm over an Austin return. I'd mark hard as soon as his music would hit and would probably be on a buzz for a bit, but that would die down. His matches most likely wouldn't be all that great anyway, and there's really no one on the roster I'd like to see him go up against.
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  20. If they do Punk vs Austin maybe that can top Taker vs Punk, that match is the one the IWC wants to see
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