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  1. Great news, very unlikely the streak will be ending now.
  2. Sucks he'll be left as a once a year guy as it's like an era is ending with him, if that makes sense? At least he'll give us a few more matches.
  3. At least we'll see the matches we want though. Undertaker vs Cena being the top of that list.
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  4. That needs to happen at WM 30 in the Garden. Cena has run through the company as a heel and The Undertaker is the only one who can save it.
  5. Unstoppable Heel vs Streak, it'd also be a good way to turn Cena back to face since he won't be heel for long if he does turn (year at most).
  6. That's the biggest problem with Cena, he'll never be booed enough to be the top heel unless he's up against legends. He's too good to be, especially with crowds getting smarkier all the time.
  7. Could be right - we never know though. Said it before, a lot of the smarks literally despise Cena. I think he could get over as a heel certainly. Will be a good watch though.
  8. The problem is the majority don't hate him, they hate the gimmick. All we have to really go off is Hogan's turn, sure he got booed for a bit but he became too much of a cool heel to boo. It all depends on whether Vince will bottle it like he did with Punk and Orton. Sure they're not in bad positions but if they had turned Randy when he punted Vince just by him doing the legend killer pose rather then showing regret he could have been alot bigger then he is now.
  9. I see your point, but I seriously don't think he'd be massive cheered. There's never been as much hate for anyone else than there is for Cena (in my opinion). I've seen countless times "smarks" wishing harm on Cena, wishing him to move to TNA, wishing him to be fired etc. People do generally despise him for outrageous reasons. It's the cool thing to do, hate Cena. Another cool thing to do is cheer CM Punk, I don't see that instantly changing as soon as Cena turns heel. Sure he'll gain many more fans, but I'm not sure it'll be enough to affect his boo/cheers.

    None of us will know until the change though.
  10. I hate to say I told you so... but I've said all along that Undertaker wouldn't be retiring anytime soon

    I don't even expect him to work consecutive Mania's unless a worthy opponent comes along

    It's good to put this baby to bed so all the Taker retirement threads can burn up in smoke

    For the record, I wasn't the guy who suggested Taker wouldn't be retiring. It was Lance Storm who first laid out the theory
  11. Personally, I would consider a guy who only wrestles once a year to be retired anyway. Just my opinion.
  12. You're right to be honest GoldDust, I agree.
  13. Isn't Rocky going to compete at Wrestlemania XViV? Or rumored anyway?

    If so, then there's Undertakers opponent.. Have the two even faced at Wrestlemania before?
  14. They haven't but it should be someone with a future imo.
  15. Rock vs Taker is pointless but I suppose it could be used as Rock's excuse to compete again. Something he's never done, something he wants bla bla bla. Might be good if he uses WM 30 against Cena after Rock tried to end it and failed at WM 29.
  16. Ricardo Rodriguez maybe @[seabs]? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Too much swag for Taker.


    Look at him he's just like come at me Deadman bro!
  18. 280 pounds? Damn. Good to see 'Taker isn't going anywhere.
  19. The Streak WILL NEVER END! But I glad he still going around maybe he will win back the World Champion on SD after WM28 who know?
  20. He won't win the world title he's only going to wrestle at WM as he has done for the past 2 years.
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