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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

  2. Flair in place of Vickie would make wwe more worth watching. Her voice is so annoying!!
  3. Flair would be a awesome GM.
  4. Good news, I guess.
  5. Not good news, Great News.
  6. Vickie Guerrero has worked well for Dolph, but to have the dirtiest player in the game as a manager could do wonders, provided they do not copy the AJ story they did on TNA. If Flair were to come in, Vickie should not be pushed aside, they should build up an on-screen break-up, then have her find a new star to manage

    If Flair however was to become a GM, like he used to run RAW back in 2002, would create a great opening for WWE, and that he would run both shows could bring some life to the RAW Replay show, Smackdown.

    Flair to come to the WWE works well either way
  7. I just hope his main role requires him to wear a suit, or at least a shirt.
  8. Flair return, Flair face, Ziggler heel. Flair vs Ziggler where Flair jobs and Ziggler will go over and will be over for ever. Then, Flair comes back, becomes Zig's manager, they will have an argument somewhere in time, they break up, Ziggler goes solo, Flair becomes GM.

  9. Good way to use him.
  10. I'm stealing that idea too.
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