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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., May 24, 2014.

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    Money in the Bank is going to be stacked if that happens. Wyatt will win the title and Cesaro wins the briefcase. Bryan's return match will be at SummerSlam vs. Wyatt for the belt, imo. Think Kane v Big Show will be added to Payback seen as though they have been working that match throughout the European tour and Kane should keep his momentum.

    I've already said that Lesnar returning for SummerSlam makes no sense whatsoever. His next match has to be him winning the title. Save his dates for 2015's Rumble, EC, and WrestleMania.
  2. If he does in fact relinquish the titles and there is no title match at Payback I wonder if it will be the first time there has not been some type of a match for the top belt at a special event (PPV)?

    Should be interesting.
  3. TLC 2012 was the last PPV were the WWE Championship wasn't defended.
  4. But the WHC was defended there... I should have worded it better. I wonder if there has ever been a PPV where no major title was defended or wrestled for if vacant.. both the WWE and WHC championships.
  5. Wrestlemania 1, they had the Hogan/Mr T Vs Piper/Paul
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  6. Give the title to either Bray Wyatt or Triple H.

    Wyatt becoming champion after a back-to-back rivalries with Punk/Bryan/The Shield/Cena would be the logical next step, and it could set up a Wyatt/Bryan match for Summerslam with Bryan winning back the championship, a rather excellent way of bringing Wyatt's first year in the company as well as his history with Bryan full circle.

    As for Triple H, he's been the top heel on the show for nearly the past year, and they're building up to a (rumored) match with Reigns for Summerslam, and that match could end up revolving around the championship. Could also be a good way of planting the seeds for a breakup between The Shield if the other two get a little jealous that Reigns is the one getting the golden opportunity to become champion (although I could just as well see Rollins being all for Reigns taking the strap off of HHH while Ambrose stands in the background showing subtle signs of envy.) Meanwhile, Bryan can afford to go without being in the world title match since he has unfinished business with Kane that needs wrapping up, at least assuming Summerslam is his first PPV back and not Battleground.

    Brock Lesnar shouldn't win the title yet, especially since it would just lead to a scenario where they rush Cesaro's breakup with Heyman and his push to the championship by having him swoop down and cash in the briefcase on Lesnar at either Night Of Champions or Hell In A Cell. The Lesnar/Cesaro rivalry needs more time to build up than that, and they can easily work a non-championship program for Lesnar at Summerslam.
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  7. I think Orton should win the title at MITB and lose it back to Bryan at Summerslam.

    Now that is going full-circle.

    Have Wyatt win the briefcase and cash in on Bryan somewhere along the line, setting up an actual feud between Bryan and Wyatt for the title, culminating in Bryan coming out victorious at Survivor Series.

  8. That'd be the least interesting way of coming full circle that I could think of. Theoretically, Bryan defeating Triple H for the strap at Summerslam would be the most poetic way of all (being that Hunter was the one who screwed him out of his first WWE Championship win exactly one year ago, not to mention Bryan had to go through him just to get another shot at it at Wrestlemania), but with them obviously building towards Reigns/HHH, I doubt Bryan/Hunter II is even in the talks for Summerslam. Bryan/Orton has happened a million times over the past year and Orton has almost always been on the losing end of it. He should pose literally no threat to Bryan, and imo, the guy that Bryan has to go through to get his championship back should certainly be viewed at as some sort of threat. Wyatt got a clean victory over Bryan. Bryan only defeated HHH once and they could play on the whole "lightning hardly ever strikes twice" motto. Even Kane would probably be better since at least in kayfabe, he's the one who put Bryan out with a neck injury.
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  9. Ladder match sounds good. I'd mark for HHH to win the belt, personally, and I also think they could work a hell of an angle there for DB to win the strap back from him. You never know whether they had any long terms for Bryan and might want to get the strap back on him asap after he returns, and in this case it would be wiser to stick the belt in someone who can be a transitional champion without being hurt by it, and Hunter can do that.
  10. Hunter or Orton winning the title would just kill the "new era" feel to the product. Neither of them should interact with Bryan again because that's what we've seen constantly for the last year. They want Network buys? Imagine how anticipated Wyatt (c) v Bryan, in his 1st match back from injury, would be at SummerSlam.
  11. Cody and Goldy win the belt and briefcase and then Cody uses heel tactics to screw over Goldy and then Cody is the title holder in the end of it all and joins Evolution.
  12. "New Era" of "Reality Era"?

    My post was mainly in jest. The point was not that's what I'd really like to see as much as that's a more likely scenario. Remember, the idea was that Orton, like it or not, typically won when the title was on the line post-unification (TLC, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber), but he didn't lose the title match at Mania (Batista lost the match by tapping out). We've seen Orton/Bryan several times, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Orton vs. Bryan again at Summerslam as a way to get the belt back on Bryan after Summerslam.

  13. I'm intrigued to see where brock lesnar fits in all this especially if he does both summerslam and night of champions if he does go for the title like I think he will who will he take the title off?
  14. Feels like a new era in the sense that Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatts, Barrett, Cesaro, Usos, etc, are getting pushed. Not saying it is one.

    I think he will beat Bryan for the title at the Royal Rumble.
  15. The 'sheets must be reading my posts, because I suggested two MITB matches like that in some thread the other day, with the winner of the WWE Title one facing Bryan at Summerslam.

    But yeah, that does seem like the most plausible idea tbh.
  16. If they strip him I really hope HHH puts the belt on himself just to see people go mental lol. Personally think it'd play out so well if done that way.
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  17. I also think HHH is the best choice. He needs to hold the title sooner or later, preferably sooner, while he's still an evil heel.
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  18. Damn straight. Plus it'd help Bryan keep some momentum if he has another obstacle to overcome. Plus if HHH is willing to take another loss to Bryan even if its in a triple threat and he doesn't actually eat the pinfall it cements Bryan as a top star for the coming months until Reigns gets his inevitable push.
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  19. I don't know which TV show you've been watching for the last year if you want to see more Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan.
  20. They only had one match at WM. Plus Bryan chasing the title being the underdog was what got him over. As a way to pull themselves out of a difficult situation its the best option.

    I mean who would you put the belt on? Kane would be boring. Orton was boring. Bootista is leaving. Cena is still feuding with Wyatt and vice versa. Reigns its too early. Sheamus is US champ. Barrett is IC. Lesnar is still gone there are virtually no viable options.
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