Latest Update On Chris Jericho + Swagger's Streak

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Well, Jericho is gonna be gone again...
  2. Screw WWE they never let him win one PPV match since he came back.
  3. Save_Us_Jericho
  4. I want to see Jericho back. And it's good that Swagger broke that streak, I want him to feud with Ziggler so Jack turns face and Ziggler goes solo, so he needs to look somewhat creditable for that to happen, I believe.
  5. Im glad Swagger won, but do they have to constantly bury Ryder?
  6. No, they don't. But they like to take dumps on people who made themselves.
  7. what's the attraction with Ryder? I can't stand him
  8. I'm not a big fan of his, but he was very over last year and his feud with Ziggler over the US title made the championship mean something, but then they just wasted him by making the guy Kane's whore.
  9. He's too goofy. He's like Santino, he's never going to go anywhere in the company besides pick up a few mid card titles
  10. More people respect him than are attracted to him I'd say.
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  11. True, but the thing about his gimmick is exactly that, it doesn't allow him to be big or go to the main event, but it is what makes him relatively over. But if they changed his gimmick I'm not sure whether it would be a success or it if would fail miserably.
  12. Totally this. I think his character is bullshit, however, kudos to him for using his initiative and for getting as over as he is now.
  13. He could keep his gimmick, but just tweek it a little, like Dolph is doing currently and also Brodus, just have a much more serious side aswell as his goofy persona
  14. It could work. He's still young though, no need to worry, I'm sure such tweaking will happen.
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