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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Ok, some of these have been reported before on here, but I'm just listing them from one article here:

    Cool, we knew about the movie already, but this gives us a return date and he will go after Seth again. What if Seth is champ by then from using the MITB contract? Could Ambrose return to a title hunt?

    That one just seems like common sense

    Which would you guys rather see? Brock vs Reigns or the Rock? Either is fine with me really.


    I figured @Stopspot may have some insight into that one. Heard anything you Japan fan you?

    Also @Shadow
    Ambrose pic (open)

  2. I think I would much rather see Brock v. Reigns.
    So this basically guarantees Lesner will keep the title into Wrestlemania?
  3. Hell in a Cell? So, almost two months...:sassy:
  4. Got a movie to film and all ya know
  5. Good point actually. I didn't even put that together.
  6. It better be movie of the year then.
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  7. If WWE is smart they will get the belt off of Brock and make Brock vs Rock the main event of 31. That is the biggest money making ace they have up their sleeve, no question in anyone's minds. Take your two biggest draws by a mile and see how many PPVs they can sell together with a properly built and promoted match. My guess is they comfortably cruise past 1 million buys closer to 1.5m
  8. Brock vs The Rock would certainly draw more, but from a personal fan point of view, I would much rather see Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan with the championship on the line (not that I expect Lesnar to keep the title for seven straight months, although Figure Four Weekly reported just yesterday that even is Lesnar drops the title by the end of the year, they may have him reclaim it in time to walk into Wrestlemania as champion.) Glad to see that HHH is thinking of building up stars for the future rather than just getting one big pay day that will have no long-term ramifications to it.

    It would be fun to see The Rock and Paul Heyman go at it on the mic, but The Rock vs Lesnar in a match in 2015 sounds horrid.
  9. It'll end up being Brock vs Rock. Vince in Rocks corner, HHH in Lesnars corner for control of WWE. That's my prediction.
  10. Some additions to the Ambrose incident from RAW listed on his 'injury update' on (I hadn't even seen it happen yet lol) @Shadow

    Nicely done
  11. Id rather see reigns v lesnar over rock v lesnar id also like to see lesnar hold on to the title till then I don't see rock being at mania with fast 7 coming out around then
  12. Not like Hercules has people lining up to cast him bwahahahaha
  13. 1) I figured Kane got involved, not only to give Rollins heat but to be Ambrose' first conquest before getting his meathooks on Rollins again.

    2)Reigns future isn't that bright. Although his best moneymaking year, ironically, maybe next year. Despite that, Rock is still worth more even than,

    3) It's high time. The writing is on the wall. The Empire sorry place to work. It's boring, political and part timers get the sweet deals.

    4) Lesnar has introduced his own belt? LOL The Empire.

    5) Ambrose is being groomed very well. It's absurd. He and Rollins will be better investments than Reigns will.
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  14. Brock Lesnar winning the title was cool and all but once again when a part-timer wins a championship and doesn't defend it then the title reign is null in my view.
  15. :sandow: vs. :brock:

    Lock it up, MOTY!

    I'd prefer Reigns vs the Rock.
  16. Hmmmmm..... that would be a tough argument to have....Brock vs. Rock....more $ for sure.....Brock vs. Reigns.....looking into the future.

    I have a feeling we'll wind up seeing Brock vs. Rock....which I don't mind. But Reigns could fight on one....that would be big, too.
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  17. The Rock may politic to have both Brock and Reigns in the match. If its his last go, he'll want Reigns involved.
    Consecutive Triple Threats isn't savvy. I see a Fatal Fourway (just 15 years after the last one) featuring Reigns, Cena, Lesnar and Bryan.
    People are stone idiots if they'er going to be pay to see Dwayne Johnson in the main event.
  18. lol I agree with you.....but stone idiots paid a lot for Mania 28 and 29 because of the Rock....he sells.
  19. Ambrose stuff is common sense, the Lesnar working NoC deal sounds like one of those classic retarded Meltzer reports about something that may happen but may also not. Don't want to ever see Rock again.
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