LavenderHaze Vs Nicole-Haze

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Lavender

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  2. Nicole

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  1. Who will the ref be?
  2. first we need a stipulation
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  3. still don't know if its no dq or anything
  4. *cheers in an empty arena, similar to that of old TNA tapings. Holds up a @Lavender Haze sign, but wears a @Nicole-Haze shirt. Oh the irony*
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  5. I challenge You, Nicole-Haze Imposter to a Match! I hv been Tormented by u time and time again. I've had enough and U will go down. The only to to Gain ur Respect is to defeate u one on one. So If u want a challenge then u get ur *** out here right now! (Hopefully Im still awake otherwise.. We may need to reschedule for a Match between us two tomorrow, I gotta get up at 4 am.... Blah!)
  6. *looking at a past tape recording of Nicole and Lavender. Camera shows Lavender Beating Nicole (Reag):
  7. W...T...F...?
  8. Blame Reag.... He literally started it first. He did the Name Changer. He's now "Nicole-Haze"
  9. Okay...I'm staying out of this one...
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  10. Yeah... thats a wise choice Grievous. Lol
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  11. And the winner of this contest! @Grievous!
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  12. The only man on woman fight I'm interested in is Me vs. Charlotte...

    She'd win by the way...but I'd be happy to loose...
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  13. @Nicole-Haze
    REGINALD, Im still waiting for u to get ur Butt in this ring!
    I've been training so u better be ready. :emoji_wink:
  14. Thread on a pole match, winner makes a new thread about winning.
  15. It needs to be a Purple Blood match, the first person to beat the person until they are purple wins.

    My vote is not-Reag because Reagan Cole has tapped out before.

    TO A GIRL!!!
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