Law & Order: SVU

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  1. Watch it every time it's on.

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    Kinda disappointed Stabler left the show. I like the way they wrote him out, though.
  2. I watched plenty of episodes, but stopped a year ago. I recently saw a new episode with the guy that replaced Stabler, he's not bad. Seems like an interesting one even though I prefer Stabler, but maybe I also need time to have this new guy grow on me. Just glad they still have Munch :boss:
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  3. I've been watching this quite a while. A lot of my summer has been spent on this show. I've watched episodes all the way from season 1, I've caught up to season 13 where the main character change happened and I didn't wanna go into this thread until I got there. Took me awhile because I was trying to keep up with Game of Thrones as well.

    I love this show so much and no matter whether it's the newer episodes or around the beginning, it never ceases to entertain me.

    Sad to see Stabler gone, but I'm glad he's still alive at least. I was afraid he died or something. I find it strange that he was just automatically dropped from the force just like that. Didn't even go back to clean up his desk, the captain made Olivia do it. Also, I heard he was in the new Iron Man 3 movie somewhere. :hmm:
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