Lawler/Barrett feud?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. As horrendous as this sounds, do you guys think they're going to push a Lawler/Barrett feud during segments? God forbid this gets taken to the ring, but with Lawler interfering with Barrett's "Bad New Barrett" segment, it looks as if these two might clash soon. *sigh*
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  2. I really wouldn't care at all. lol
  3. Urgh. Hopefully not. Some part of me could actually see it happening, though.
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  4. This sounds terrible. Don't do it.
  5. Barrett the obvious face here. And Lawler is the heel
  6. can we just close this thread so I don't even have to think about that potential feud? :jericho:
  7. I miss Wade wrestling :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Fuck it and go for it. What ever gets barrett into ring with a purpose.
  9. I'm pretty sure there will be more to it than just Lawler's interruption on Raw, but I can't see any way that WWE lets Jerry get involved with anything really physical.

    I could see Wade somehow bullying Lawler and getting confronted and challenged by one of the wrestlers, which leads to an in-ring feud.

    Or maybe Jerry's just ready to go and wants to go in a wrestling ring. As long as the right releases were signed, that'd be alright, I guess. Whatever he wants and all.

  10. Well, you know, the only thing that seems to be in the way of this feud is the fact that Lawler probably wouldn't step into another WWE ring. But I'm pretty sure he's already worked independent dates since then, and perhaps he managed to convince Vince to let him step back into the ring in WWE too, so... yeah. Wade vs King. Woohoo.
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  11. Yea he has worked some indy shows since his heart attack.
  12. Gee I hope this doesn't happen, I mean I hope they keep talking smack and such but if it happens to occur..
    Barret's got some BAD NEWS for Lawler.
  13. I miss barret during the Nexus days. Lately, he's stale, mainly WWE's fault. And if I'm going to see barret wrestle, I don't want it to be against King lol.
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  14. I was not aware of that. I figured he'd have to be an idiot to get back in the ring after a heart attack, but.....wait, we're talking about Jerry Lawler, so.....

  15. I agree and WWE shouldn't let this happen. The guy nearly died on Live television. Because of his heart. Even if doc's say it's alright, you can never be too sure.
  16. True true but you guys know Jerry don't give a fuck.
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  17. I would question the capabilities of any doctor that would give a guy his age the green light to get in the ring and engage in professional wrestling again, but that's just me. Of course, Lawler's personal doc is probably a guy he used to drink with back when he was the King of Memphis, so there's that.

  18. Lawler always been straight edge.
  19. Not sure if serious.....

    And not from the stories I've heard from the boys back in the day. They tell me Lawler used you say..."go hard".

  20. I kno some peeps like Tracy Smothers a few other WWE jobbers ive met at shows have said hes straight edge to me, but that his vice was "young" ladies.
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