Lawler now getting death threats over Trump tweet...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler recently told WMC-TV of Memphis that he has been receiving death threats in response to his Tweet last week that was an endorsement for Donald Trump for President.

    Lawler now says the Tweet was probably not the best idea, and he would stay out of politics from now on.


  2. It was nice knowing you, King.
  3. Because threatening to kill someone is a reasonable solution for disagreeing with someone who wants Trump as POTUS.
  4. You ain't a bona fide heel if people don't have a desire to waste ya.
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  5. Progressive left for ya.
  6. I love the irony of the progressive left becoming the oppressors lmao.

    I feel social media aps should have a feature that if you type up a death threat you immediately have someone sent to your house for an involuntary vasectomy. We don't need mouth breathers like them pro creating.
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  7. Democratic lefties have always been the oppressors, for example the Democrats wouldn't sign the bill to free the slaves, they wouldn't sign the bill to make the freed slaves citizens of USA, they did sign the Jim Crow law into being stopping blacks from voting, the Democrats started the KKK, they tried to fill a buster the equal rights amendment. When President LBJ, a Democrat, signed the new deal he said "when I sign this we will have those negros voting Democrats for the next hundred years."
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  8. Conservative right jerks: Hit you with a lamplight for being gay

    Proggressive left jerks: Say mean shit on the internet.

    Totally the same thing.
  9. What I find funny is that people will threaten someone's life over a tweet. Like seriously people... Grow the heck up. These people shouldn't be on social media or aloud to interact on the internet for that matter.
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  10. When I read "lawler getting death threats" I immediately figured it'd be realted to pedophilia lol
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  11. Close... But no, just Trump related lol
  12. Bottom line is Lawlor should have known better than to post that. If you're in the celebrity limelight you should just keep your political views to yourself or your asking for trouble.

    I mean when will celebs learn!!! :damn:
  13. You're okay
  14. Extremists on either side are terrible.
  15. Your avatar is going to give some poor chap? fella? Manchestawwwww'n? a seizure.
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