Lawler says Ziggler's elbow drops may have caused his heart attack

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. This may explain the re-burying of Ziggler after that random month spell of beating guys like Orton clean.
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  2. That's BS if true. King shouldn't be in the ring anymore. Don't blame a young guy who's in shape on your ticker crapping out. He should keep his old mouth shut.
  3. Surely Ziggler hearing that he almost killed a man while wrestling would spook the fuck out of him, even if Lawler was old. Not sure why Jerry Lawler would publicise such a thing....
  4. While yes it is possible that it was Ziggler's elbow drop, but what caused it truly? Getting into the ring. At the age that Lawler is in, he can't be in a sport where you are slammed down, getting hit, or taking as much psychical pain as wrestlers do in wrestling. At the time he was very active, which obviously was going to tire him out. Ziggler may have sped it up, and honestly then that's also a possibility it could have saved him as well. There's no doubt with the schedule he was on, that he was going to suffer from some sort of cardiac risk, but if anything it's also possible that Ziggler did speed it up, thus putting him in a location where he could have that risk in a place full of medical trained people instead of his home.

    Of course it's a 50/50 chance that he did, but still, it was going to happen eventually. Lawler should have never mentioned it, because that just makes Ziggler look bad to the casuals. Why the fuck should his moveset be limited one less move, because a elderly man, who was far ahead of his time, wanted one more unneeded run in the main event picture, and worked a full schedule. That's not putting over young talent, or even helping them. Because of Lawler's choice, the young talent is now damaged since he can't use his move anymore.
  5. What an absolute travesty that this was made public. Fuck you, Jerry.
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  6. No rational person will think it has anything to do with anything except Lawler being in his sixties (i.e way too old to wrestle.) I doubt Ziggler's move would have had the same effect on a younger guy, as I don't recall it inciting anyone else into a heart attack.
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  7. How many years has he been doing this move? It was since he debuted, so at least 4 years + all the time in developmental... did he do it in the Spirit Squad?

    Every single other person his by this move hasn't had any issues, but they aren't older than Father Time either. Go away Jerry.
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  8. Lets ignore the fact that Jerry is old.

  9. and fat! :steiner:
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  10. I don't think he was blaming him, but probably just answered a question. The answer might be taken out of context
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  11. Don't fuck with DZ. Elbow drops like a mafucka
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  12. Lol Ziggler gave Jerry a heart attack?
  13. I just wish they'd let D'Z capitalise on this and have him talk about how he's so lethal that he almost killed Jerry Lawler in the ring. If they plan on keeping him heel they need something to make people hate him and this is a perfect opportunity.
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  14. This! He could have a despicable Bobby Roode type heel role. Threaten to give Lawler's son a heart attack as well lmao. That'd be so dope.
  15. Yeah it was the elbow drops, not the Dominos or Sonics you got delivered to you during Raw. :pity:

  16. I didn't do it. DZ did.
  17. Every time a wrestler enters the ring, there's a risk of injury. Given the lack of in-ring shape that Lawler was in, he should not have been in the ring to begin with. Hopefully he doesn't make another appearance in the ring because he is not fit to do so.
  18. He wrestled like last weekend or the weekend before that in Florida. Pile drove a girl.
  19. Nice shout! Was just thinking about this: Why are we supposed to boo Ziggler? "BOO! YOU'RE SO ENTERTAINING! I HATE YOU! STOP STEALING THE SHOW! CAN'T WAIT FOR SHEAMUS TO WIN THE BELT SO IT CAN BE BORING AGAIN!" Ffs. Guess they're trying the "heel champion purposely given no credibility who can't win a match clean so you root for anyone else to win the belt", but that's an archaic anti-draw since you wouldn't expect a satisfying finish nor give a shit.

    (Yeah, he's the show-off, but he never shows off lol)

    That seems like it's over the line, but it's wrestling. It's supposed to be over the line. Going the aggressive asshole route might be a good idea, just wonder if Ziggler's the guy to pull it off. Seems like going all the way with a Hollywood douchebag smartass character could fit Ziggler's personality a lot better... but still. You've gotta do something, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Something.
  20. Am I the only one not seeing Dolph as that kind of heel? His character is more driven by ego and an urge to showcase himself to further himself through athletic ability rather than taking pride in purposefully hurting and almost killing a man. Like Shawn Michaels back in the 80's and 90's.
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