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  1. so she's pretty bomb :ronaldo:
  2. I just made Zev get a boner by posting.
  3. Cool thread Zev..

  4. I'd probably have sex with her. No joke.
  5. If she would ask it nicely to you. :otunga:
  6. If I were drunk and came home and she was already in my bed I'd go for it. I'm a gentleman like that
  7. Good. :boss1:
  8. If I was sober and went into someone else's home, and she was lying in their bed I'd still fuck it.
  9. Her skin must be sooo soft.. :tyson:
  10. In reality

  11. Dat ass :burns:
  12. @[R'Albin] your signature.

  13. lol u hot 4 punk, Hoss?
  14. IKR? :true:
  15. Obviously. Look at his ass. :gusta:
  16. He's a duck. :laugh:
  17. I'd give it to Layla so bad, oh my goodness.
  18. Rosa and layla 3 sum :yay:
  19. All holes, so bad.
    Shucky Ducky Qwaaak Qwaaak!!
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