LCW. Lightweight Championship Wrestling.

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  1. The roster:

    Cm Punk
    Daniel Bryan
    Evan Bourne
    A.J Styles
    Christopher Daniels
    Adrian Neville
    Seth Rollins
    Dean Ambrose
    Chris Jericho
    Davey Richards
    Adam Cole

    Owner: B.Dazzle

    Shows: LCW Thursday and LCW Saturday
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    LCW Thursday!

    Opening fireworks hit, and the crowd is on their feet. We go to the ring, where LCW owner, B.Dazzle is standing by.

    B.Dazzle: Tonight marks a brand new night in the history of wrestling. A night in which wrestlers who have never gotten a fair shot because of their size, can finally get the chance to prove to the world, that they are the best in the world. For these 12 men, it is a time for them to prove themselves to all of you, and be come the very best in this business. Tonight everyone here, and everyone watching at home will realize that these men will help create the next era of professional wrestling. On tonight's show, you will all see the beginning of a twelve man tournament to decide the first ever LCW champion. The first round begins on this night, and I wish good luck to all of the wrestlers in the back.

    B.Dazzle leaves the ring, as we go to commercial break.
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    First Round Match: Evan Bourne vs Christian

    *Evan Bourne comes out to a nice pop*

    *Christian makes his way to the ring, and the crowd is on their feet*

    The match starts out with some basic grapple moves, and reversal after reversal. Christian is able to ground Bourne with a headlock, but Bourne manages to escape. Bourne starts kicking Christian in the leg, before hitting him in the face with a drop kick. Christian rolls out the ring to catch his breath, but Bourne springboards over the ropes, and takes Christian down. Bourne throw Christian in the ring, and pins him. 1...2., Christian kicks out. Bourne gets up, and goes right back on the attack. Bourne is kicking Christian in the back, head, and everywhere else. Bourne picks Christian up, and throws him into the ropes. Christian bounces back off the ropes, and takes Bourne down with a clothesline. Christian picks Bourne up, kicks him in the stomach, and drops him down with a DDT. Christian rolls Bourne over, and goes for the pin. 1...2., Bourne gets his shoulder up. Christian gets up, and drops a knee on Bourne's forehead. Christian goes on the ring apron, and climbs up the top rope. Christian gets to the top rope, and Even quickly gets to his feet, jumps up the top rope, and takes Christian down with a top rope hurricanrana. Evan holds on the ropes, jumps back up top, and does a moonsault off. Bourne connects, and goes for the cover. 1...2.., Christian kicks out. Bourne can't believe it, but keeps his composure. Bourne gets to his feet, and picks Christian up. Bourne runs to the ropes, comes back, and is taken down by a spear from Christian. Christian goes for the pin. 1...2.., Bourne kicks out! Christian is in disbelief. He gets up, picks Bourne up, and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Christian climbs up, and goes to superplex Bourne off, but Bourne hangs on. He starts punching Christian, before throwing him back down on the mat. Bourne gets to his feet, keeps his balance, and goes for the shooting star press. Christian moves out of the way, and Bourne lands hard on the ring mat. Christian gets to his feet, picks Bourne up from behind, hooks his arms, turns his body around, and drops Evan with killswitch. Christian rolls Bourne over, and covers him. 1...2...3. Christian has advanced into the tournament.

    Winner: Christian. Match Time: 14 minutes.

    The fans cheer in excitement, as Christian rolls out of the ring, and heads to the back. Bourne is still laying in the ring hurt, as we go to commercial break.
  5. We come back, and we see Dean Ambrose backstage. He looks directly into the camera.

    Ambrose: Tonight, we are supposed to see a glimpse into the future of what wrestling will be about. That the members of the LCW locker room will go on to become the next big things of tomorrow, but how do we know that for some of the people here, tomorrow will come? You see, I am on a mission. A mission to win the LCW championship, and anyone who gets in my way will have to suffer a brutal fate, a fate that could easily end that persons career. Tonight, I go up against Adam Cole. Adam I would hate to be you, because after tonight, you won't be able to walk, and you won't be able to breathe. I am not only going to beat you, I am going to destroy you. You are standing in my way of victory, and I am going to have to knock you out of my way. On this night, Dean Ambrose shows the world, that he truly is the future of wrestling, and anyone who tries to prove me wrong, will be a thought of the past.

    The camera goes black, before another camera turns on, Showing the ring.

    First round Match: Adam Cole vs Dean Ambrose

    *Adam Cole is met by cheers, as he makes his way inside the ring*

    *Ambrose is booed on his way to the ring, but he doesn't really care* The match begins, and Cole quickly takes Ambrose down, obviously mad about what Ambrose said. Cole is striking Ambrose in the head with right and lefts before Ambrose pushes him away, and rolls out to the ring. Cole quickly follows suit, knocking Ambrose down from behind. Cole keeps stomping on Ambrose, before picking him up and slamming him head first on the ring apron. Cole throws Ambrose in the ring, and rolls in himself. Cole gets to his feet, and starts kicking Ambrose in the head. Cole elbow drops Ambrose in the chest, and goes for a quick pin. 1.., Ambrose quickly kicks out. Cole picks up Ambrose, throws him in the corner, and goes for a forearm smash. Ambrose gets behind Cole, and takes him down with a German suplex. Cole lands hard on the back of his head, and is holding his head in pain. Ambrose starts knee dropping Cole on his head. Ambrose picks Cole up, and takes him down with another German suplex, this time bridging into a pin. 1...2., Cole kicks out. Ambrose goes back on the attack, with clubbing blows to Cole's head and back. Ambrose puts Cole onto his knees and starts punching him in the head. Ambrose runs to the ropes, comes back, and is taken down by a super kick from Cole. Both men are down, and the ref starts the 10 count.
    1...2...3...4...5, Both men are staggering to their feet. 6...7.. Both men are up. Ambrose punches Cole in the face, but Cole comes back with a punch of his own. Both men start exchanging punches, before Cole blocks a punch, and repeatedly punches Ambrose with rights and lefts. Cole Irish whips Ambrose to the ropes, Ambrose bounces back, and Cole takes him down with a dropkick. Cole is gaining momentum, and the crowd is behind him. Ambrose gets up, and Cole takes him down with a clothesline. Cole Irish whips Ambrose into the corner, runs, and connects with the forearm smash. Cole throws Ambrose to the ground, jumps to the top. Cole waits for Ambrose to get up, them jumps off, looking for a flying clothesline. Ambrose moves out of the way. Ambrose grabs Cole, picks him up, and throws him into the ring post. Ambrose grabs Cole, kicks him in the stomach, and drops him down with a snap DDT. Ambrose goes for the pin. 1...2.., Cole kicks out. Ambrose is furious as he gets to his feet. Ambrose slowly waits for Cole to get up, and when he does, Ambrose puts him in a headlock, then plants him down with a headlock driver. Ambrose goes for the pin. 1...2...3. Ambrose wins, and will meet Christian in the second round.

    Winner: Ambrose by headlock driver. Match time: 15 minutes.

    Ambrose stands tall in the ring, with a sick smile on his face, as we go to commercial.
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