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Leo Kobashi vs Chris Young

Leo Kobashi, the first signee to LDW, is a high-flying and hard-hitting prospect with rumoured high hopes from the Liberty or Death offices. With an exciting style, a never-say-die attitude, and a bright future, it will be interesting to see him develop. However, his opponent is almost the more seasoned version of him. With a chip on his shoulder and an in-ring style often described as “Amazing,” Chris Young is no stranger to the wrestling world and has taken some of the best to their limit, even some who are on the roster he is familiar with. But he has had several moments of bad luck over the years, which he hopes to break in Liberty or Death Wrestling. With a rising star and a veteran looking to stake his claim, this can be a five-star encounter waiting to happen in our main event!

S Seto-san Impactsona Impactsona

Darius Wright vs Reagan Cole

With the experience to share between the two great brawlers, we have to look from the two sides Atlantic to get this match-up. Overcoming hurdles from LA and Essex respectively, the two men are capable, well rounded, fighters, with experience and the ability to punch your face in. Yet, these days, they each fight for different reasons. With Reagan Cole having a family now, giving him another reason to fight and D-Dub, with a fresh start, has put his city on his back while having some of his old tricks in his back pocket. This can turn into a hybrid affair of strikes and submissions and won't be for the weak at heart. It will either be the British Apprentice failing to master his foe or a shadow cast on the debut for the Dark Traveler.

King Of Armageddon King Of Armageddon The Reagmaster The Reagmaster

Brian Toogood vs Patriot

Already establishing himself as the loudest mouth in all of Liberty or Death Wrestling before we even have a single show, everyone has been subjected to Brian Toogood’s verbal tirades on social media, especially the first person to message him, Patriot. Answering his call for competition, the “Big Money” prospect has initially dodged a challenge from him, making an excuse of a “fear of germs,” but it is no use as per the order of the higher ups. Now the Patriot has the chance to not just put his blood, sweat and tears into a good debut, but the wrestler who stands for liberty has a chance to knock off the 21-year-old upstart and bruise his ego going into Primetime. Meanwhile, Brian Toogood may not just be upset over this announcement but may be reaching for the hand sanitizer.

Beavie Beavie Patriot Pants Patriot Pants

“A Brian Toogood Showcase”

We have a feeling this guy will be driving management insane. Upon hearing the news of his debut match is far from what he wanted, the Slayer of Geeks and the Tamer of Freaks, Brian Toogood, with the help from his agent, has requested a different debut. So, Brian Toogood’s first match will be an opponent and stipulation of his choosing. However, perhaps in a small bit of punishment, his match with Patriot is still scheduled on for later in the night. Two wins in one night would be big, but he may be biting off more than he can chew in his debut night. However, considering his nature, there may be a catch to this. We all will find out when Foundation rolls around.

Beavie Beavie

Rodney Perkins Opens the Show With his Broadcast Partner

Like every good show, we need a voice for it and veteran broadcaster and Tattoo king, Rodney Perkins, will be the play-by-play man for Liberty or Death Wrestling. With experience in broadcasting all across the North Eastern United States and a love of wrestling, he is sure to bring his own perspective to the broadcast table. As LDW’s voice, he will welcome us all to the new company, but he can’t do it alone. That is why his broadcast partner will be announced with him. With a surprise in store and a chance to set the tone for LDW, we will be waiting to see what Rodney Perkins has to say and what our broadcast team will look like.


We are aiming to post this show by June 22nd and we will have creative members create a DM for you guys either on the forum or on Discord in order to organize the match. There, you will decide who wins, and work on the match summary together. If you need a template example, there is one within the rules thread. Debut promos, once again, are welcome and can be either done in a thread, or as a segment on the show itself.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us, creative members, Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus Jeffry Fucking Mason Jeffry Fucking Mason and myself.

I don't have a snappy yet like the last fed, but uhh, have fun and let's make a great show!!!

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