Show LDW PrimeTime Episode 3


"Best Girl" regardless of gender.
LDW Management


From Dover, New Hampshire

Episode 3

Rather than beginning with a proper show introduction, we see a pissed off Darius Wright, storming down a long hallway in tonight’s arena. He is walking around with his right shoulder bandaged and the arm in a sling but still sporting his usual black attire. He goes into different halls and rooms, stopping staff members along his way. Darius asks several of them for directions to the LDW owners’ office, Slate Bass & Eden. After being pointed in the correct direction...for which should be the final door to go through, Darius takes a quick deep breath and knocks on the door. A voice tells him to come in and he proceeds to enter the room...

However as the Dark Traveler is ready to fire off his complaint, the atmosphere abruptly stops him. He looks around and sees a young lady sitting at a desk across the room. Darius makes his way over to the desk while is a little confused by the impeccable decor and administrative setup but he goes to speak again…

Darius Wright: Yeah uh, I...

Assistant: Hello sir, how may I help you?

Darius: Umm...I’m here to see the owners and um…

Assistant: And what is your name?

Darius: ...I am...Darius Wright...Darius “The Dark Traveler” Wright.

Darius is trying to control his temper given the previous situation and how it makes him look when he explodes. Impatient, he huffs as he leans against the desk and gives an ice-cold stare directly into the assistant’s face. She pecks away at her computer keyboard unfazed and with ease. Darius beginning to lose his patience frantically taps along the front desk.

Assistant: ...sooooooooooooooooo...dooooooooooooooo yoooooooouuuuu...have an appointment?


At that moment, D-Dub catches himself verbally assaulting the naive secretary and takes a second to better convey his words. He lets out a sigh and says...

Darius: ...excuse me for my attitude...yes, I have an appointment to see them...RIGHT NOW!

There’s more typing done as the assistant doesn’t divert her eyes from the computer screen. She squints and scans over the information she’s reading and then finally replies with…

Assistant: Ok, I see you have an appointment scheduled for today, Mr Wright. Let me just call to make sure they’re ready to see you.

Darius: ...thank you...kindly.

DW walks a couple of feet away from the desk as the assistant makes her phone call to the owners. From here it isn’t long before she hangs up and tells Darius…

Assistant: Ok Mr Wright, you may enter their office now.

Darius walks up to large Oak double doors, opens one then enters into the office. He sees Slate standing to the side of his desk, a drinking glass in hand and observing the content in it. Eden, however, is sitting on the front edge of the wooden desk in the center of the office. Still irritated and holding in his rage, Darius Wright steps closer to the couple.

Eden: By all means, Darius, you may have a seat.

He shoots the Seamstress of Reality, a look of suspicion prior to taking one of the available seats.

Darius: Look...I came here to talk about this damn talk show shit. I ain’t with it! I FUCKIN’ REFUSE TO BE A PART OF ANYMORE GAMES FROM THAT CHILDISH MUTHAFUCKA, NOW I’M GON…

Slate Bass: MR WRIGHT!

And just then Slate, with a vile look upon his face, interrupts Darius before he starts on a rant.

Slate: I know that you are an intelligent man. Surely you must know it to be in your best interest for you to watch your tone when addressing my wife and myself, especially when business is on the table. I would also like to remind you, nay, advise you to keep your foul language to an absolute minimum while in our office.

Darius: Slate...I’m just...I’m just highly upset...and from what I’ve heard even though we have little history between us, you also know about anger. That burning fire in the pit of your stomach, READY TO ERUPT AND MAKE A MAN CAUSE SO MUCH CHAOS AND MAYHEM…

Darius stops in the middle of his lecture to tone it down as he was asked to do.

Darius: bad. Anyways, you know what it’s like to be driven into those dark ideas when your foe decides to provoke you at every turn. I just want to know what is the purpose of this arranged in-ring segment. What good will come of this? Because I promise you if I even see Brian Toogood or…

He mimics his opponent’s voice to say his initials like him.

Darius: ...“BTG”, then...I am not going to allow him to live to make it to Declaration. And it won’t matter...whether I put him on a gurney...or put him in a casket… It makes no difference to me...

The Torn boss gives a smirk and nods, takes a sip from the glass he’s been holding. He looks over at his wife as if to signal for her to continue the conversation for him. Eden, who was facing her husband, turns back around to give a response to The Dark Traveler…

Eden: Well Darius...Slate and I have discussed the situation at length before coming to our decision. Although it may be a very difficult position for you two to be in due to the “competitive nature” between you both, we feel this is the best way to promote the main event match at Declaration to crown the first LDW champion. We’ve had a message sent to Brian and informed him that under no circumstance is he to put his hands on you whatsoever. So despite your grievances with our decision, the show must go on.

Darius rolls his eyes and mutters to himself before responding back.

Darius: Alright...alright, so he puts one of my arms in a sling by dislocating my shoulder?! Ok, I’m gonna go find him and break something on him...better yet, I’mma break my foot off in his ass!

Slate: No, you will not be going on a wild manhunt for Brian Toogood. If you do so then you will forfeit your opportunity at the LDW Championship at Declaration. This also applies if you don’t show up later and play nice for your interview. Now you might want to get ready for your match with Marley Jameson. The medical team said you’re still cleared to wrestle.

Darius back in his infuriated funk frowns up his face and gets up to leave the owners’ office. He looks deeply into both of his bosses’ eyes, nodding his head as to say he understands them. Then he walks right out of their office and heads to the men’s locker room.

Eden: Remind me to have our assistant mark Darius’ record with a request for anger management classes.

Slate takes a drink from his glass.

Slate: Agreed.

Bringing us back to regularly scheduled programming, the theme music for LDW PrimeTime begins, cuing the intro to play before we show a live crowd in Dover, New Hampshire, lively and ready for the last edition of PrimeTime before we head to Philadelphia with Declaration. We pan to the commentary table where the voice of LDW, Rodney Perkins and his colourful colour commentator colleague, Wally Shine sit.

Perkins: And we are back! This week, Liberty or Death Wrestling comes to you from Dover, New Hampshire on the final stop before Declaration. I’m Rodney Perkins along with Doctor Smooth himself, Wally Shine, and we have a packed show tonight with four scheduled matches and the debut of the first talk show in LDW history.

Shine: The BTG Lounge is coming and Brian Toogood, as we saw with that message before, has his opponent in the LDW World Championship match, Darius Wright, as a guest with no contact allowed for the duration of the show. And not to mention both men are competing tonight with Brian Toogood in the main event against “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole.

Perkins: As well, we have Patriot getting a chance at revenge with him facing the man who attacked him episode One, Luke Saint, and to begin the show, we have Nova Taylor in action in an all Canadian clash!

Singles Match
Nova Taylor vs Daemon Raze

The obnoxious theme music for “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” begins to play, drawing groans and jeers from the crowd as, after a few moments, Daemon Raze makes his way out with his Canada themed attire, kissing his hands and posing for the crowd. He mouths off on his way down the ramp as Clarissa Garcia does her introductions.

Garcia: This following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 205 pounds, he is “Canada’s Greatest Athlete,” Daemon Raze!

Perkins: And our opening match tonight is a little Canadian duel as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Athlete” in Canada, Daemon Raze, faces off against the bubbly Rainbow Princess, Nova Taylor.

Shine: Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but grew up most her life in Vancouver, British Columbia, she has called herself a proud Canadian gal before, and considering how obnoxious Daemon Raze is, I hope she shuts up his claims of being the best Canadian tonight.

Getting in the ring, Daemon Raze, curiously, asks for the microphone from Clarissa as his theme music cuts away. He taps it a few times before talking.

Raze: Look, we all know who I am. I’m Canada’s greatest Athlete, Daemon Raze. Sure, the match I had with Reagan Cole wasn’t the best, but I’m still the best Canadian wrestler in the woooorld! In fact, I am undisputedly the best Canadian here. I watched Nova Taylor last week and she insulted the great nation of Canada by losing to that no good West-Coast Yank in Darius Wright! And somehow, people are praising that performance!? Everyone thinks she’s sooo good, eh?! I’m the longest reigning VPW Champion, I don’t think she’s won a title in her career aside from the title of having the worst agents imaginable! So, I thought it’d be great to come back this week and cement exactly why I’m the best our country has to offer when I beat that Rainbow Bitch in the ring tonight!

He hands the microphone off to Clarissa Garcia as the lights of the arena begin to switch to rainbow colours as a familiar theme song plays.

The crowd cheer as “Now,” by Paramore begins to play, bringing out the Rainbow Princess herself, Nova Taylor. She does a small curtsy before doing a twirl and she high-fives some of the fans along the ramp way.

Garcia: And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, she is the Rainbow Princess, Nova Taylor!

Shine: Nova’s very quickly become a favourite here with her performance last week, then again, she already had her following before. But it's just grown.

Perkins: The fact is if we were to compare the two debuts of the Canadians, while they both lost, Nova Taylor lasted 20 minutes with Darius Wright. She went beyond what anyone expected here.

Shine: She can hang with the boys and super-duper kick their asses if she wants to, I have a feeling she’ll beat Daemon tonight.

Continuing to greet the fans with high-fives, Nova Taylor walks around the ring, and she even sticks her tongue out briefly at Daemon Raze to get under his skin, before she heads to the apron, crossing her legs before swinging herself in the ring. Nova gets on the nearest turnbuckles and does a “Peace sign” to the crowd, giving a big grin. She takes her hat off and tosses it to a fan member before jumping down and going to the opposite ropes to hype up the crowd. The song by Paramore fades away as the lights turn to normal. Nova removes her jacket and jumps up and down, ready for the match.


Trying to change his fortunes from the last match, Daemon Raze starts by immediately running towards the Rainbow-Clad Nova, but the smaller Taylor quickly drops low, kicking his legs out from under him, and sending the Alberta native crashing face-first into the turnbuckles. Quickening the pace from the start, Nova Taylor follows up with three running corner dropkicks, hitting fast and hard. A groggy Daemon Raze steps forward as Nova Taylor runs at him with a calf kick, then a running neckbreaker, dropping him to the mat. The nimble Nova Taylor follows up with a handspring into a Moonsault as she hits “Around the World.” She gets a two count as Daemon Raze gets his shoulder up.

Nova Taylor quickly heads to the top, thinking about hitting her Starlight Splash, but Daemon Raze recovers, hitting her with an elbow and meets her on top. Getting a bit arrogant, Raze shouts, “Canada’s best right here,” giving Nova enough time to slide underneath and pull his head so he’s trapped on the top turnbuckle. She quickly hits a Super-Duper Kick, and a stunned Daemon Raze falls down and into a second! There is another kick-out from him, and Nova Taylor is still on top.

The Rainbow Princess gets onto the apron, likely thinking for her Tootsie Roll Dragonrana, but Daemon Raze keeps close to the ropes, making it harder for her to hit it. A frustrated Nova tries to pick him up for a forearm, but a desperate Daemon Raze pulls her by the colourful hair and into the ring! Daemon knees her in the gut several times before hitting a snap suplex and getting a pin which isn’t even a two count. An enraged Daemon Raze pulls Nova Taylor up and locks in a sleeper, trying to make the smaller Nova pass out. Eventually, the crowd gets her going and she hits a modified jawbreaker to escape the hold. Running off the far ropes, she hits a Space Unicorn Springboard Cutter, and drops Raze! As soon as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Athlete,” gets to his feet, Nova Taylor hooks the arm from behind and hits a somersault reverse DDT! The Over the Rainbow from Nova spikes Daemon Raze on his head. And with a three-count, Nova Taylor wins handily!

Nova Taylor

Perkins: And Nova Taylor picks up her first win!

Shine: And we can at least say she’s the best Canadian here!

Nova Taylor’s hand is held up for the first time in LDW as the winner of a match and Nova grins as she gets on the top turnbuckles to greet the fans. Meanwhile, a frustrated and dazed Daemon Raze rolls out of the ring, avoiding being seen as he stumbles away. The Rainbow Princess, after a few moments, asks for a mic as her theme music fades away.

Nova: Okay, now that is a good way to get into the win column.

She laughs a bit before continuing on.

Nova: As for now, I have a few things to address. The first of which is the BS that went into me coming here. Myself, and likely a number of others here were not signed for the good of building a new company. We have one of the former students of my cousin, myself, and several people that wrestled in the same company as the owners, Slate Bass, and Eden. Eden told me she wanted to “bring out everyone’s potential,” but I don’t buy that one bit. You’ve been mysterious in the time I’ve known you two, but just because you had a daughter doesn’t make me believe you changed. How could I after Slate Bass tried to disfigure me before?!

Nova’s getting a bit more heated as she goes on, showing a bit of bite behind the bubbly charm.

Nova: So if you’re out to make my life a living hell, try your best, because it’s not going to work! But guess what? I’ve realized something from my first two matches.

She points down at the ring canvas.

Nova: Once the bell rings and I’m in here, this is where I’m truly free. I’m free to pour my heart and soul into each match doing what I love to do. I left having pictures taken of me and being able to travel to different places without having to risk my life because I’m in love with wrestling. And I had fun fighting Darius for how tough it was. Even tonight, it was a blast shutting up this insult to my country.

Pausing for a second, Nova grins and adds.

Nova: And on that note, I’ve realized something. I don’t have a match for Declaration yet, and I think I have an idea. I want a match where I can live up to what I believe in and face someone I actually like and maybe give myself a chance to prove myself. You’ve been asking if I’ve been working on my kicks and maybe being in the ring with me is the best way to see, Reagan Cole, I want to have a match with you in Philadelphia!

The challenge brings cheers from the crowd as two fan favourites in LDW may be facing off.

Nova: You don’t have to give an answer right now as you’re busy preparing for the main event tonight, but I think this will be a great match. And I know we’re going to tear the house down in Philly and win, lose, or draw, I’m going to keep things bright...

She pauses before grabbing her rainbow hair.

Nova: Colourful…

Then putting her hand in a peace sign right next to her eye, she finally adds.

Nova: And make this match rock!

On that note, Nova Taylor hands the microphone off as her theme music begins to play again and the bubbly girl high-fives the fans on her way out, a challenge made for Declaration.

Perkins: Well, how about that? Nova Taylor stands her ground against Eden and Slate and makes a challenge for Declaration.

Shine: And I’m sure as can be Reagan Cole will accept and we’ll have a great clash of styles at Declaration and a great showcase for both Taylor and Cole.

Upon getting to the back, the cameras follow Nova as she steps into the Guerilla position and while the audio isn’t picked up, we see… standing backstage right after her calling her out, Eden. The co-owner of LDW has a sly grin on her face and says something to Nova Taylor which causes the Rainbow Princess to roll her eyes. The two say some more things before Eden gestures for her to follow, and Nova Taylor, very reluctantly, follows.

Perkins: ...What’s that about?!

Shine: I have no idea, but I have a bad feeling about this...

The BTG Lounge Hosted by Brian Toogood with Guest Darius Wright

We join after a brief intermission to see the ring all set for the debut of Brian Toogood’s self-indulgent talk show. With the ring canvas covered in a black carpet and two black leather sofas, it is rather classy. Between the sofas is a small table where there is a bowl of only yellow M&M’s and, as a reminder for Declaration, the LDW World Championship. Clarissa Garcia is handed a cue-card, and she almost groans upon seeing it.

Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen…

She rolls her eyes.

Garcia: May you bare witness to the first and greatest ever edition of LDW’s first talk show, the BTG Lounge...

She mutters.

Garcia: Sorry for saying this… Which is the only good thing to have ever hit Dover… May you give a great round of applause for your host…Okay, I can’t do this!

She throws down the cards and turns around as, from a microphone in the back, we hear Brian Toogood’s voice.


There are jeers from the crowd and Garcia, very annoyed, picks them up and continues with Brian Toogood still on the mic in the back.

Garcia: He is Big Money…

BTG: Keep going…

Garcia: The Slayer of Freaks, and the Tamer of Geeks… The best at Hashtags…

Still annoyed, Clarissa stops for a second.

BTG: There is more... Keep going, missy!

Garcia: The Golden Traveler… The embodiment of what it means to be young, rich, and handsome… The future first and greatest, LDW World Champion in history. The Great…

Along with her, Brian shouts his initials

Garcia and BTG: B...T...G!

Garcia: Brian Toogood…

Drawing a seriously vile reaction from the crowd is the theme music of our graciously ungracious host, Brian Toogood. After a few moments, Brian Toogood steps out, in his in-ring gear to save him from having to change later, with his back turned. He gives a little shake of his hips before turning around with his arms spread out.

Shine: I feel so bad for Clarissa having to do that.

Perkins: Tell me about it, she’s probably going to call in sick the next time he does one of these. Here we are, the BTG Lounge, with the host with the most… love for himself, Brian Toogood. He has his opponent at Declaration with him, Darius Wright, but to prevent a very likely vengeful Darius Wright from attacking him, there is a no-contact rule until the show is over.

Shine: And if he does break that rule, then he is out of the title match and I would imagine a trip to anger management...

After taking some time to taunt the crowd, Brian Toogood heads up the steps and into the ring where he spreads his arms out wide to soak in the spotlight. He grabs a microphone and kisses his hand before tapping the title he hopes is his when he leaves Philadelphia. “Live Fast, Die Young,” fades away as Brian speaks up.

BTG: After some technical difficulties…

He shouts...

BTG: And by technical I mean someone who doesn’t do her job! We have the BTG Lounge! That’s right. It’s time for someone to actually give good quality PrimeTime content here for LDW. As you freaks and geeks should know, my name is B… T… G! Brian Toogood. And frankly, it makes sense that I host this. As your future world champion, the face of this company, and the future of this industry, everyone on this roster should be grateful I created this to give each of them just a small shred of relevance with me. It’s unfortunate that I will end the relevancy of my guest when I beat him for the LDW World title and get that beautiful belt around my handsome waist.

Going to sit down on one of the couches, Brian keeps his eyes glued on the title as he talks.

BTG: It’s a shame, Darius. It’s a shame you don’t understand me. You’ve called me terrible things like… an egomaniac, and I just get this feeling you’ve underestimated me. But hey, that’s why I had to give you a taste of your own medicine last episode. I hope now you actually see me for who I truly am. Not a spoiled rich kid, but just… too good. And this is my chance to get to know you a bit more, maybe we can get on the same page for Declaration. So come on out here, you big knuckle-head. Your final fifteen minutes of fame starts now.

Instead of the usual powering off effect that everyone has come to recognize, the intro to Jeezy's Scared Of The Dark begins to play and leads right into the rest of the song. At first, it looks like he isn't coming out but after a few extra seconds, The Dark Traveler proceeds out on to the stage with his arm in a bandaged and in a dislocated sling. He stares down his opponent for Declaration then strolls down the ramp. Keeping his eyes locked on BTG the whole time, he makes it to the ring steps and manages his way up to them. Darius enters the ring on his own accord, fanning away the staff trying to help him.

He immediately steps to Brian's face and stands there. Giving him a stare that we all knows means business. He just stands right there until it's Brian who speaks first, with a very over the top friendly tone.

BTG: How’s it goin’, bud!? Welcome to the show!

Darius finally cracks a slight grin, turns his head to look down at his damaged arm. He then looks back in the eyes of his tormentor, smiling at him and nodding his head. He brushes past Brian with the little disrespectful shoulder push added. DW walks over to one of the couches and takes a seat.

BTG: I take that as you’re just peachy! Always a people person, are ya?

Being handed a microphone from somebody outside the ring, Darius taps the microphone two or three times and responds with…

Darius: I must be…

Keeping his chipper mood, being that he is safe… for now, from an assault from Darius, Brian gets going with his interview.

BTG: Great, because it’s time that we actually get to know each other a bit. I don’t know why…

There are jeers from the crowd as Brian’s voice drips with sarcasm.

BTG: We have gotten off on the wrong foot. Oh, wait, now I remember, I beat you in a match…

Talking over BTG, Darius speaks his mind…


BTG: ...Hey, a loss is a loss.

Brian says very casually. Darius gets quiet again to allow Brian to continue talking.

BTG: But it was pretty great saving the world from a future generation of Young’s… But I guess this is a chance for us to get to understand each other a bit more before we fight in the biggest match in this company’s short history. So, the first question, to address the elephant in the room.

Brian Toogood takes a long stare at the arm he injured last week. He smirks and starts to say.

BTG: How’s your…

As Darius tilts his head over to look at BTG, he raises his microphone while clutching a tight fist with his other hand. He anticipates to get the question about the injury Brian Toogood dealt him last week, Brian quickly says

BTG: Your love life!

There are groans from the audience members.

BTG: I mean, when was the last time you were hugged, man? Was it from that guy from the Elf movies in the hood?

Darius takes a deep breath before answering the question and then says…

Darius: Well let's see...I've slept with about 6 ladies this week. And um...there wasn't much "hugging" involved in you understand. I mean except when I'd grab them by the hair, wrap my arm around them and then...

BTG: Okay! Let’s NOT raise the age rating here, you disgusting perv! We all know the BTG Lounge is for mom, dad, and little Timmy out there…

Then Brian Toogood mutters…

BTG: Except if you want to talk about my Stacy… Trust me, we go all night long… hahaha!

Darius: Hmmm…she sounds…tasty!

BTG: Oh, she’s waaay out of anyone’s league here. But how rude of me, I started talking about myself, this is about you!

Darius: Just so you know…

DW does a stare out at the crowd as he finishes this next comment.

Darius: They all act that way...until they wind up in my bed at their own leisure. Or on the the the shower, I mean the list can go on.

Darius is now grinning and appears to be having a great time.

BTG: Yeah, save it for Twitter. Speaking of…You haven’t been on Twitter much as of late. Are you… feeling a bit sad? Perhaps insecure and unattractive? Maybe a particular area? Or just maybe one of those "special" ladies you paid $50 to sleep had difficulty getting "it" up for The Dark Ravisher? One arm and all...

There is a groan from the audience and boos. Darius loses his smile and looks directly over at “Big Money” with that same furious expression he had earlier.

BTG: Because let's face it! We're sure you had to lay on your back the whole time…Just like you'll do at Declaration during our stipulation match…

Being coy, Brian leads that to his stipulation choice.

BTG: Which I have had a long time to think about and after trying to come up with a suitable match for such the "tough" opponent I have to face... I have decided to make our match...a… Street Fight!

The entire arena erupts to the news they just received about the championship match at Declaration.

BTG: That way I can beat you at your own game and show that Toogood is more than a name.

Darius stands up from his seat, drops his microphone and…

He smiles as he extends his hand for a shake with his left and good arm.

Brian Toogood takes a long look at that hand and says.

BTG: No thank you… I know where that hand has really been the last two weeks…

There is a small “Oooh,” from the crowd and Darius bites his bottom lip, trying his best not to punch Brian out with his good arm right now.

BTG: And Brian Toogood is too smart…to end up one-armed jerkoff like you.

Brian does a "jerking-off" gesture as he smiles and laughs...Angering Darius enough to lash out a bit.

The Dark Traveler kicks the small table, making that bowl and its yellow M&M's fly into the crowd and on to the floor, with the title belt falling to the mat. Brian Toogood, looking very pissed. Shouts.


Brian Toogood picks up the title belt and holds it up high in front of Darius before putting it on his shoulder.

BTG: Get used to this sight, Darius! No, EVERYONE GET THAT I’M GOING TO BE CHAMPION! You will never touch this title as long as I have anything to do about it! And with that, I think our time is about up. Because I have the main event to win… Something that I’ll do plenty of here in Liberty or Death Wrestling. Maybe you can survive the stoner kid and make it to the match in one piece? This show is over!

Hearing those words, Darius gives a small grin and Brian Toogood, still pissed, shouts.

BTG: What’s so funny!? I said this is over! Get out of my ring!

Still standing there, Darius keeps a grin on his face.

BTG: You didn’t hear me, dumbass!?

Perkins: Umm, Brian, remember the rule?

Shine: It was at this moment, everyone but him has realized… he don' messed up.

Brian Toogood walks up to Darius’ face, not knowing what he has opened himself up to.

BTG: The show... is... o-

And with that, Darius Wright nails Brian Toogood with a headbutt, dropping his future opponent!

Brian Toogood quickly rolls to the ropes, rubbing his forehead as Darius Wright stays in the ring with the crowd cheering him on. Slowly, he removes the sling, showing his arm, while not perfect, is healed enough to compete.

The Dark Traveler rushes over and starts to ground and pound on Brian Toogood, getting in several shots with the crowd giving their full support for him against Brian Toogood. Fearing for his safety, a desperate Brian Toogood pokes his eyes and rolls out of the ring and out of harm’s way.

Shine: Brian Toogood has been egging Darius on for weeks and finally, he gets his receipt with that vicious headbutt!

Perkins: And it’s a street fight! An angry Darius Wright with no rules, no matter if he’s healed or not, is a dangerous man.

Brian Toogood runs up the ramp and stares at Darius in the ring, shouting at him while Darius Wright takes this moment to make a statement, he picks the title belt off the ground. Holding it high in the air, the message is clear. Darius Wright is coming for the LDW World Championship at Philly. Brian Toogood better watch out. The scene fades with the two competitors, exchanging glares.

Impromptu Segment

To the surprise of the crowd, the song “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” begins to play and there is a small cheer as it signals the arrival of someone who made his debut last week in front of his hometown crowd, Corey Keenan. Coming out with an LDW tracksuit, Mr. Squeaky-Clean, Lean and Mean waves to the crowd as he high-fives several fans.

Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Corey Keenan!

Perkins: This is a surprise, Corey Keenan making an appearance here, although he doesn’t appear to be wrestling.

Shine: I’m surprised he came here after being forced to tap out in front of his family the last episode, most people would quit after that.

Perkins: Well, he’s keeping his spirits up, it seems.

Corey Keenan gets onto the steps and steps into the ring where he kindly asks Clarissa for a microphone as his theme music fades away and he greets the crowd.

Keenan: Hello, Dover!

Upon saying their city name, the Dover crowd do a small cheer as Corey Keenan continues on.

Keenan: I know last week may not have been the greatest idea of a debut. I mean, I had to tap out in front of my family. But I’m new to wrestling. I know I’m still learning and at this stage in my career, I always need to look back and learn from every loss. I also need to look at the silver lining. The fact is, I got a chance to wrestle in front of my hometown crowd and family and nearly beat one of the number one contenders for the LDW World Championship, for that, I’m grateful.

There is a small clap from the fans, Corey Keenan, showing some modesty, gives a small grin and waves.

Keenan: But I feel as though the next step for me is to not just be on PrimeTime. You see, our next event is Declaration live from Philadelphia in a building which has a lot of history in wrestling and I think it is about time Mr Squeaky Clean, Lean, and Mean gives himself a bigger chance to test himself! So, I know there are maybe people in the back looking for a match, so if you’re interested, come down to this ring, shake my hand, and let’s make it official.

Corey pauses before trying to add.

Keenan: But I have you know if you underestimate me, then I will-

Cutting Corey Keenan off and catching everyone off guard, the song “Remedy” blares through the speakers and the crowd, unsure of what it means will really happen, hold their breath. After a few moments, sure enough, the person who is most associated with that song, Al Blizzard, walks out through the curtains and he looks somewhat different compared to what we remember. With his beard a little more scraggly, wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket, punisher shirt, and jeans, Al Blizzard looks rather imposing compared to before.

Perkins: What?! That’s Al Blizzard! What is he doing here?!

Shine: I have no idea but man… Something seems different about him.

Perkins: I think I did see him interact with several LDW roster members over the past week, I guess he’s back in the United States and is in LDW!

Heading down the ramp with his hands in his pocket, his eyes are glued on Corey Keenan who, surprised by Al Blizzard coming, is trying to grasp what is happening. Al Blizzard heads up the steps and into the ring as his theme music cuts away.

Blizzard puts his sunglasses in his pocket and Corey, trying to be a good sport like he normally is, extends his hand. Al Blizzard extends his hand… before pushing Corey in the face and then the chest! His microphone drops to the floor and Blizzard grabs it before cornering the rookie, pressing his free hand under his chin and looking at him with an intense stare.

Blizzard: You know kid… You got guts, anyone could’ve made their way out here and accepted that challenge. But unfortunately for you, it was me. I don’t even think you realise what you have got yourself into. You may have seen me wrestle in the past and I admit, I sucked. But times have changed... I have changed.

Al Blizzard leans in closer so that is nose is practically touching Keenan’s, looking dead in his eyes, and only the microphone separates their faces.

Blizzard: And that really doesn’t bode well for you…For the past year, I’ve been training myself in not just taking pain like you wouldn’t believe, but dishing it out in spades. People like you go there and fail every single time. But I’m thriving now. I’m more than what anyone has ever known of me. And at Declaration, I’m going to make you regret calling someone out because it will be your death sentence.

Blizzard smirks as he takes a step back from the seemingly scared Corey Keenan, extends his arm out and drops the mic onto the mat. Blizzard reaches into his pocket, takes out his sunglasses, puts them back on and turns to leave the ring. He climbs out the ring and walks up to the ramp and back through the curtains.

Perkins: ...What an intense message from Al Blizzard?

Shine: And if what he can do in the ring can match that message, I feel bad for the upstart, Corey Keenan.

Singles Match
Patriot vs Luke Saint

As the AC/DC song rips through the speakers, for the second week in a row, the crowd jeer the Crimelord of LDW. A black 2019 Cadillac Escalade rolls into the parking lot as three men in suits and masks walk out of it. The men on the side have masks with the American flag on it with the middle man having a clown mask, being Luke Saint. Eventually, they walk through the backstage area and onto the stage shoulder to shoulder.

Garcia: This following match is scheduled for one fall! First, from New York City, New York, weighing in at 222 pounds, the Patron Saint of Crime, Luke Saint!

And on cue, Luke Saint rips off his mask to show his devilish grin and they head down the ramp.

Perkins: As disgusting as a man can get, Luke Saint has the opportunity to put Patriot away for good tonight.

Shine: With Leo Kobashi MIA since the attack, he may make Patriot do the same... although tamer than most cases he's done that to people, I'd imagine.

Luke Saint walks towards the ring and gets in, with his two goons on the outside at the ramp. Luke Saint removes his jacket and gloves with one of his rings, as he gets in a corner to lean. His theme music fades away and he in the middle of the ring in wait for the personification of LDW, Patriot.

As the lights flash uber American colours of red, white, and blue, the song "Keep Your American Dream" plays for Patriot, who after a few moments, makes his way out, looking a little more sombre and serious compared to his first time on Primetime. He looks at his attacker in the ring with rage in his eyes before walking down the ramp.

Garcia: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 199 pounds, Patriot!

Shine: Patriot is looking a lot more focused and angrier than we’re used to, and why wouldn’t he be, as he’s going up against the man that ruined his debut on the first episode of Primetime.

Perkins: It’s a little weird to be playing to the crowd while keeping your eyes deadlocked on your opponent the entire time, but that may just speak to the thoughts going through the head of Patriot.

While Patriot still high-fives the fans as he'd normally do, it is far more rushed, not taking the time to make sure he didn't miss anyone. His focus is on a single man, Luke Saint. He jumps onto the apron and into the ring where the official stands between him and Luke Saint. Luke Saint looks at his associates as the bell is being rung...

And then Patriot runs around him and hits a Dropkick into the corner at full steam!

Shine: Well the bell did ring, so technically, it’s not cheating!

Perkins: Taking advantage of a distracted Luke Saint!

Patriot lays in a series of kicks and stomps in the corner, all hitting their mark and taking the breath out of Luke Saint. After withstanding the brunt of Patriot’s onslaught, Saint manages to push him away, giving himself some time to roll out of the ring. As he gains his bearings and turns back towards the ring, Patriot is already in the air after doing a springboard off the ropes! He goes for a crossbody but is caught by the bigger Luke Saint, who slams him back first into the turnbuckle. Saint goes back into the ring and taunts the crowd as Patriot tries to recover on the outside.

Both men now back in the ring, Luke Saint has managed to keep momentum on his side. He holds Patriot in a headlock, trying to wear down the red, white and blue wonder. Patriot attempts to mount some more offence with some punches to the mid-section, but Luke Saint is unphased and quickly lifts Patriot into the air, hitting a spinebuster that leaves him lying.

Perkins: This match is basically over; Saint can end this any time he wants to.

Shine: At this point, he’s just deciding when he wants to take Patriot out back behind the shed and put him out of his misery.

A proud Luke Saint cockily walks over to the corner of the ring and scales the turnbuckle.

Shine: I think we all know what he’s going for here, he’s looking to put Patriot 6 Feet Deep.

Perkins: That may just be a blessing in disguise for Pa-WAIT A SECOND!

Luke Saint indeed was attempting his patented diving foot stomp, however, as he came down Patriot managed to roll out of the way just in time and sweep Luke Saint’s leg out from under him, sending him stomach first onto the mat. This puts Luke Saint in the perfect position for Patriot’s version of the STF Camel Clutch known as the “Liberty Lock”.

Perkins: It’s locked in! The Liberty Lock is in tight and Luke Saint has nowhere to go! What a turn of events, this could be the end right here!

Shine: He looks like he’s about to tap any moment, the agony on his face, I can feel it!

Saint desperately tries to get out of the submission, but he is unable to wriggle his way free or loosen the grip of Patriot. Luke Saint cries out in pain and hovers his hand over the mat, trying to resist the urge to tap out to the Liberty Lock!

Shine: This is it! This has to be it, I don’t think he can last much longer!

Perkins: Hold on a minute, look at behind them!

As Perkins yells this out, one of Luke Saint’s “associates” enters the ring and stomps on the back of Patriot’s head, causing a disqualification.

Perkins: This is horrible, downright despicable!

Two more men in suits enter the ring to join the first in stomping away on Patriot. Luke Saint circles them, yelling orders their way. The men pick Patriot up and bully him into the corner, where they relentlessly pummel him into a seated position.

Saint: Pick him back up!

The men do as instructed, propping him up in the corner. Luke walks over to Patriot and leans in close, tightly gripping him by his chin.

Saint: Liberty means I have the right to do as I please!

Luke Saint reaches into his kneepad and pulls out his Fleur de lis ring, affixing it to his finger.

Saint: Including denying you of yours!

After saying this, Luke Saint rears back and comes forward with a forceful punch to the face of Patriot.

Saint: Hold him up! Don’t let him fall!

Saint goes to the opposite corner of Patriot as the men prop him up. Luke runs full speed at Patriot, mimicking the opening of the match, but instead of a dropkick, Saint jumps in the air and once again hits a punch with his ring-hand, this time a lot more emphatically.

Shine: This is too far, dude!

Patriot falls down face-first onto the mat, still moving and trying to get up to no avail.

Luke Saint walks over with a microphone in hand and gets all the way down onto his stomach to meet Patriot face to face.

Saint: Hey, Patriot! If your ears still work, I got something to tell you!... Make sure to say hi to Leo for me when you see him tonight.

Luke Saint stands back up and nonchalantly drops the microphone onto the back of Patriot. Saint and his three goons proceed to exit the ring.

Impromptu Segment:

Sitting behind the barricade, we see and hear a commotion coming from a particular guest in the front row. The guy has his feet hanging up on the barricade as he holds a large popcorn bucket.

Man: Oh this shit right is dumb...who the hell is entertained by this fuckin' fake ass shit? Huh?

The man turns his head around and speaks to the other seated fans/guests…

Man: I'm sayin'! Ya'll wants some muthafuckin' popcorn?!? Huh? HUH?!? Yeah? Nah, fuck ya'll!

The surrounding fans start to get riled up by the misconduct from this one individual. Some of the men are ready to fight and everyone else that are teens or adults cuss him out every which way. He simply laughs as he turns back around, waving and looking over at the cameras and commentator team.

Man: Nah cuz you see...this is MY muthafuckin' popcorn, people! And ya'll can't have none. Not. One. Damn. Kernel. That's right, not even one. It's ALLLLLL MINNNNEEE, fuckfaces!

The rude guest goes to tossing multiple hands full of popcorn at his mouth...his face...and everywhere else all it lands. He then picks up his large beverage cup and takes a loud, irritating, slurping sip from it.

Man: EW!!!! THIS SODA NASTY AS FUCK! They need to fuckin' give everybody here a muthafuckin' refunds for this shit.

Suddenly from a distance, there are at least 3 security guards headed in his direction as they come from the backstage. The fans cheer and clap as they see his presence coming to an end. Security points at the man upon approaching the unorthodox man but he is unaware of them getting close. Until the fans noise causes him to look at what's happening. So he sees them and bides his time, drinking with his same rude attitude and now throwing popcorn over at the ring. This occurs for a few minutes until he hops up out of his seat and stands on the barricade. He shouts down at the guards coming closer…

Man: HEY!!! HEY!!! Just ease up alright, just ease up. I'm a businessman and...and...and…I WORK HERE!!

The man looks at the guards in their faces with a serious expression, which is now in disbelief as they have no clue who this person is. They carefully take a few more steps forward, reaching for any of the non-lethal tools along with their belts and hollering for him to get down. Again, the man loudly makes his claim...


The guards freeze, the man freezes, he gives them a side-eye look...then hops over to the ring apron. Meantime, the guards lunged to catch him before he got into the ring. But they miss their chance by mere seconds as the average height, black man which seems to be wearing casual but street attire begins to grin and no music at all. The guards, who are unamused by now, spread out around the ring to leave no way of escaping. The peculiar guy remains calm and smiling, waves for the guards to come into the ring and signals the crowd to clap for him. He shouts out…

Man: Come on, give these guards a round of applause…I mean it ain't their faults... that they're one jelly doughnut away from a diabetic coma.

The man gets some chuckles and snickers. The guards get a little upset at the insult but one of them radios for either backup or more instructions.

Man: Hey look ya'll, it's the Paul Blart fan club in cosplay. I bet if I had Snickers or a honey bun in my back pocket, they'd finally catch my ass.

He gets a few more laughs in response and 2 more guards come out of nowhere and join the group, they creep up onto the apron and get ready to rush in the ring. The crowd start to be entertained as they realize the man is giving them quite the performance for the time being.

Man: Uh oh, don't be alarm! I think...I think...I think their brains just came to the conclusion that they have a chance at getting ahold of me...but too bad their bodies are set on snail mode. Come on guys, come on in. I know this is the most work you've done your whole career...all 10 years of them but...BUT...seriously, I've had more of a tough time riding yo mommas raw than this shit!

And just as the guards make their way to close in, the man runs up the ropes in a corner, hopping off the turnbuckle onto the corner of a turnbuckle, then fleeing through the crowd and towards the backstage area. The troublemaker makes one last statement as he gets away...


The security guards try their best to catch up to that strange guy while the crowd laugh their asses off at what took place.

Backstage Segment:

After we saw Eden briefly after Nova Taylor’s match, we see her in a photo-studio backstage on the phone. There is a white backdrop with cameras all around, bright lights, and a crew. Her conversation is being picked up by the cameras.

Eden: If that match had to end that way, I think it’d be ideal to see a proper conclusion at Declaration. Dear, tell Luke Saint that he must face Patriot again in Philadelphia, this time without his associates at ringside. As for now, I have some of my handiwork to do… Of course, you already know.

She hangs up the phone after likely talking to her husband and an annoyed voice is heard in the background.

???: So this is the big thing you wanted me to do?!

Eden smirks and turns around to see Nova, far from amused, dressed up in an attire similar to the Statue of Liberty with a long cyan dress with matching crown, fake torch, and scrolls.

Eden: Of course, you are the best person suited for the job…

Nova Taylor rolls her eyes.

Nova: Yeah, yeah “Because I used to model.” So, this is your big plan? Just make me wear a stupid outfit? Force me to do modelling again for you? Please, I’ve worn more outrageous stuff on the runway.

The Rainbow Princess adds.

Nova: And this isn’t even the worst outfit themed after something from New York I’ve worn.

Eden: I understand you being reluctant to trust me. I can promise you that the outfit and this job are a show of goodwill from myself and Slate, to you. Oh, I would also like to inform you that I have already sanctioned a match between you and your friend, Reagan. Now, why don’t you step on over to your mark?

Reluctantly, Nova Taylor steps in front of the backdrop and gets ready for the cameras by standing on an x. She puts on a fake smile which looks rather natural, something she has practised well over the years, and does a basic pose first, matching the famous pose of the landmark as lightbulbs flash.

Nova: So far so good...

Then she slowly turns around and with the scrolls in her arm and torch over her shoulder, she gives a small turn of the head. It is very easy of a pose, but one which will hopefully get her out of there quickly.

Eden: Hm, one must always keep an eye over their shoulder...

Following another quick pose with her hands on her hips, a stagehand from the side hands her a box and she puts her foot on it, holding the torch up high as more cameras flash and Nova gives a sigh of relief.

Nova: There, happy?

She says, looking at Eden who gives a small clap.

Eden: My, you’re quite the natural. If something went wrong in the ring and you were to get hurt, heaven forbid, of course, I don’t think it would be too hard for you to return to your former life.

Shaking her head, dreading the thought of that, Nova glares at Eden.

Nova: Yeah, don’t get any ideas there, Missy. I’m never going back there, even if you try to send me there.

Keeping calm, Eden walks closer to Nova and reassures the Rainbow Princess.

Eden: The thought would never cross my mind. Your home is here. Now, there are a few more pictures we need.

Still untrusting of her, Nova is apprehensive.

Nova: Okay, so far it hasn’t been bad… and aside from the dumb props and cheap crown, at least the dress is pretty decent… But where is this heading?

Eden: I did have a few ideas. Here…

Eden walks behind Nova, places her hand on the back of her head and lifts one leg. Nova is now standing on one foot and bent over.

Eden: Now, hold your arms out like a bird and flap.

The former model looks over her shoulder and raises her eyebrows.

Nova: You want me to do what?!

Eden: Flap. Like you have wings. The Bald Eagle is a symbol of America, that’s what we’re going for.

Nova: I’m Canadian… Uhh, fine...

Annoyed, Nova Taylor starts to flap her arms up and down, and a few crew members chuckle as they take pictures.

Eden: Excellent, darling!

Sighing, Nova’s very small trust in Eden is already starting to break.

Nova: Glad you like it…

She says passive-aggressively.

Eden: Let’s do something different, something a little…

Walking a circle around Nova, Eden rubs her chin thinking of another pose.

Eden: Sit down, no lay down actually. I think it’s time for you to become what you so desperately want to be…

Glancing at Eden, Nova lies down.

Nova: I want to be out of here if that’s what you’re implying…

Eden: No. Please arch your back, do a bridge and show me your rainbow.

Nova: My what!? What is this, skittles?!

Groaning, Nova, being rather flexible, manages to arch her back a bit so she’s almost like a small bridge. There is a bit more laughter from the crew, making the “Rainbow,” feel uncomfortable as more pictures are taken and Nova lies back down.

Nova: If that was me, then I’d hate myself…

Eden: Delightful. I appreciate your openness.

Being sarcastic, Nova says.

Nova: Yeah, because we’re apparently meant to have Liberty here… Not forced to do something we don’t want...

Eden: Now that you mention liberty, there is something else I wanted to do…

Nova mutters to herself.

Nova: Aww shit...

Eden walks slightly offset, behind a curtain before returning after a few moments...

Nova: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Eden saunters over to the set with an Abraham Lincoln-esque tophat with a beard attached to it.

Eden: I think a quote from Lincoln himself may just help get you in the right mood, ahem, “be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”

Ripping the hat from Eden’s hand, Nova’s rage is beyond words. Her patience is wearing thin. She takes off the crown, placing it on the ground, and puts on the hat. A number of people in the room laugh out loud as they take pictures, Nova not even trying to fake a smile, pouts as Eden claps.

Eden: Wonderful, Nova. Next-

Snapping, Nova throws the hat across the room and turns towards Eden, her face red.

Nova: Are you done yet?!

The Canadian shouts at Eden, rage building inside of her.

Nova: This is getting stupid as fuck! What kind of marketing is it making me act like a birdbrain? How is trying to break my back… “Being a Rainbow?!” And that hat is just tacky! I know what you’re doing and I’m not having it!

Eden: I didn’t think things were going south for the winter.

Nova glares at her over the obvious pun and yells out.

Nova: Well, I’m done with this photoshoot!

Smirking, Eden holds up her hand.

Eden: Then you’d be in breach of contract and-

Nova Taylor cuts her off.

Nova: I get it! Fired! Lawyers! Just end this, you proved whatever dumb point it was you’re making!

Tapping her cheek, Eden is taking great pleasure in tormenting Nova, and she says calmly.

Eden: One more… Then we’re done for the day. And I have just the idea.

The co-owner of LDW claps her hands and a very muscular man with a beard and wearing an American Flag singlet walks in, taking Nova back a bit.

Nova: ...Where in the world did you get this guy!?

Eden laughs.

Eden: Oh, he’s a bodybuilder. Not trained to wrestle, but is just what we need for this. Places everyone!

She claps her hands and the bodybuilder immediately scoops Nova upon his shoulders, spinning her around, causing the former model to flail her arms around and screams while everyone in the room laughs and takes pictures of her in agony.

Nova: Hey! Put me down, meathead! This isn’t right! Someone help!

Enjoying herself, Eden joins in on the laughter as we see a computer screen which already has some of the embarrassing pictures from before, gives us a real-time look at all the faces of agony and rage Nova has. The Rainbow Princess is red from her anger and from spinning as finally, the muscleman drops her to the ground.

Nova blinks multiple times and covers her mouth, feeling a tad nauseous as she sits on the floor. Walking over to Nova, Eden extends her hand and antagonizes her more.

Eden: Sweetie, you did fantastically!

Having a near murderous look in her eye, Nova glares at her boss. She picks up the crown that had fallen on the ground and tosses it at Eden’s face, bouncing off like it is nothing and still dizzy Nova gets up on her own and walks past Eden, trying not to fall over. Eden smiles to herself as the scene fades.

Singles Match
Darius Wright vs Marley Jameson

Well coming next, we have two wrestlers that haven't had the chance to meet each other until tonight.

Shine: Yeah and if I was one of them, I would've called in sick.

Perkins: But this is wrestling and he's a wrestler, I'm sure he'll bounce back in no time. Besides, he may even wind up winning this match.

Shine: Ummm...really?! Have you not been paying attention to the other guy's track record?... Of course, my partner and I are talking about "Sour" Marley Jameson going one on one with Darius "The Dark Traveler" Wright. And one has to wonder after last week's attack if Darius can manage to even wrestle at his optimal level that we have grown accustomed to.

Perkins: Well one thing is for sure, Jameson is going to have to use that weakness to his advantage if he expects to win this.

Shine: Come on, you know like I do. Winning or losing is never an issue with a man like Darius. It will always and forever be about how long will you survive the night.

Without any further delay, the LDW fans get anxious to see who's coming out first from backstage. That's when this song plays…

In the middle of the ring, Clarissa Garcia gets prepared to announce the first wrestler in this singles match.

Garcia: This following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, from the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado, weighing in at 240 pounds, "Sour" Marley Jameson.

Shine: So I'm guessing he didn't get enough from last week.

Perkins: What do you mean?

Shine: I mean if I got my ass handed to me like he did last week, I might have to re-evaluate my career choice.

Perkins: Hey, don't rule Sour out just yet. I'm sure he has plans of floating by his competition.

Shine: Oh...well, answer me this. Is that before or after he shakes God's hand?

Perkins: Uhhh…umm...

With a bit of a confused look, Rodney Perkins just turns his face away and becomes silent while at a loss for words. For now, there are no other comments between the two of them. Sour proceeds to the ring, making it his job to give a huge smile and wink at the ladies by the nearby barricade before entering inside.

But right after that, we get some routine power failure as all of the lights cut off followed by the voice of rapper, Jeezy...

Next thing we know, the lights are flickering to the song as our dark contender comes out shirtless, right shoulder covered in medical tape. He still does his usual stroll, looks over the whole entire crowd and nods.

Garcia: And his opponent from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 243 pounds, "The Dark Traveler," Darius Wright.

Darius makes his way down the ramp while swing the injured arm in circular motions to warm it up.

Perkins: You see that? I still don't know if Darius is ready tonight let alone his next match at Declaration.

Shine: He seems to be doing better than most, considering the brutal punishment from his Declaration opponent, Brian Toogood...But he maybe got some rust off kicking his ass earlier.

Perkins: Yeah well, he still got to make it through the night without being injured more or worse than he is now.

Shine: I doubt there's anything to worry about from The Dark Traveler. If there's anyone other than Big Money who has been showing how impossible is possible, is this man here, Darius Wright.

He stares right at his opponent before climbing the steps. Then enters the ring through the ropes, walks to the middle and dust his hands off while looking over at his growing fanbase.


The two men go over to their neutral corners and wait for the referee to ring the bell. Darius is shadowboxing with his one good arm while the right arm is at his side. Marley hops in place and shakes his head from side to side to get rid of any nerves or tension in the neck. The bell is rung and both men approach the middle, circling briefly before making their move. Darius takes a wild swing with his left but Marley is able to dodge it. Then DW swings the opposite direction with a back fist and again, Marley dodges it. They slowly pace in a circle and finally, Jameson shoots under and behind Darius then attempts to hit a German suplex. But with Darius fighting his way from it being done, Marley ends up just doing a takedown.

Marley quickly put a Fujiwara armbar on the damaged limb, driving the point of his elbow into the most affected area and latching the hold tighter. Darius grits his teeth taking the pain he's suffering, even kicking the mat as he tries to focus on escaping. The Dark Traveler crawls to the ropes in agony and eventually grabs hold of the bottom one. The referee begins the five count and pulls Sour off a wounded Darius. Now recovering and frustrated at being exposed as vulnerable, Darius gets up in a slow yet, furious manner. Sour notices right after arguing with the referee and walks into a heavy right hook. Shaking off the pain in his upper arm and arm socket, Darius waits to distribute his melee of attacks as Marley is getting back up.

He cocks his right arm back again and throws another right-handed punch. Marley bounces back up whether by determination or instinct and DW strikes with a rough lariat that turns Jameson inside out. Getting fired up, Darius talks his trash while going to the far corner and patiently wait for Marley to get up again to connect with The Wright Way, running knee. Marley takes his time using the ropes to help him get back up and when he turns around to see Darius in charging position...he rolls out the ring immediately. But Darius does the same and gaining momentum from running around his half of the outside...he still connects with THE WRIGHT WAY!

Which knocks out his competitor and gives him the opportunity to wrap up this match. He picks up Sour, rolls his body back into the ring and slide in after him. Darius lays across the lifeless body of one, Marley Jameson as the ref goes for the count…



The ref stops counting to a puzzled D-Dub who looks over and sees the referee pointing to Marley's foot on the rope. Instead of getting upset, Darius decides to laugh at this predicament and stand up. He lifts a dazed Marley while smiling the whole time...that is until he takes a second to shake that right arm once again. And all within a split second, Darius spins around and clobbers Marley with a PITCH BLACK, discus lariat. It doesn't take long for there to be a pin and the referee counting 1, 2, 3. DW leaves Marley Jameson laid as he's up and rubbing that sore right bicep. The ref raises the left arm as he sees that raising the usual right arm would not be a good idea with Darius tonight.

Darius Wright


Garcia: And the winner of this match, Darius Wright!

Perkins: Well it looks like you had a point, Wally. Somehow, that wound didn't become as much as a problem as I would have thought. But then again, Marley Jameson is no Brian Toogood.

Shine: It's like I told you before this guy, Darius is not playing any games. He has arrived to LDW for a purpose and that purpose very well may be the new LDW World Heavyweight Championship.

Perkins: That may be the case...and on that note, we will return with the main event here on LDW PrimeTime. You won't want to miss it!


Live from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Main Event

Street Fight for the LDW World Championship
Darius Wright vs Brian Toogood

Singles Match
No Seconds
Patriot vs Luke Saint

Singles Match
Corey Keenan vs Al Blizzard

Singles Match

Reagan Cole vs Nova Taylor

Main Event
Singles Match
Brian Toogood vs Reagan Cole

After a commercial break, it is main event time and despite his match being done, Darius Wright remains at ringside, having a folding chair and sitting next to the commentary table, not on the mic, but keeping a very close eye on the upcoming match.

Perkins: Main event time once again on Primetime and we are joined by Darius Wright here, but he is content to just watch.

Shine: He got a small taste of beating up Brian Toogood earlier tonight, and I am sure he’d love a chance to soften him up as well before their Street Fight for the LDW World Title at Declaration.

For the second time tonight, the theme music of the self-proclaimed “Great,” Brian Toogood begins to play drawing another set of boos from the crowd. Still in his in-ring gear and sporting a fedora and vest, Brian Toogood walks out slowly with his back turned before turning around, catching a big grin and he does his usual pointing shtick as Clarissa Garcia gives him another introduction.

Garcia: The following match is your PrimeTime Main Event and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 243 pounds, the Golden Traveler, B… T… G… Brian Toogood!

Perkins: Golden Traveler? Isn’t that a little excessive?

Shine: He believes he’s golden and all about getting under someone’s skin. But now he has one more match to get through to get to Declaration.

Perkins: And an angry Darius Wright at ringside.

Seeing his future opponent at ringside, Brian Toogood takes his sunglasses off and glares, remembering the headbutt from earlier in the night. Toogood walks around the ring, avoiding the area near the commentator’s table, and gets onto the apron then into the ring. Brian Toogood poses on the top turnbuckles, gesturing around his waist of a title belt before his theme music fades away and he removes his entrance attire.

Filling the Dover crowd is the song “Wire Walker” by All Good Things, signalling the arrival of Reagan Cole. The crowd cheer as a man who appears to have his Declaration match set against his friend, Nova Taylor, makes his way out. He smirked, revealing his Maroon Jacket to show, to get under the skin of Brian Toogood, a t-shirt from Goodman’s trainer’s old tag team, “Danger Zone.” Brian shouts at him as the official holds him back in the corner and Reagan Cole chuckles before walking down the ramp.

Garcia: And his opponent, from Essex, England, weighing in at 215 pounds, the British Apprentice, Reagan Cole!

Perkins: Man, people really love to tick Brian off with that?

Shine: With how much he can dish out, he has to be able to take it sometimes.

Perkins: Well, from what we know, it appears Nova Taylor and Reagan Cole are on for a single match at Declaration, but you’d have to imagine that this match is one which can set up Reagan Cole well for after Declaration.

Shine: Beating probably one of the few people in LDW who has yet to lose right before his title match may propel him into title contention, as well prove that he’s back in "ring shape." This is his first proper test since losing to Darius at Foundation.

Taking his time, Reagan Cole high-fives the fans around the ring. As he gets to the commentary table, Darius Wright stands up and the two, while they don’t exchange words, have an intense stare, remembering that there is still some bad blood brewing from the match at Foundation and what was said around it. Reagan Cole backs up slowly, keeping his eye on Darius, before going back to his routine of high-fiving some fans before getting in the ring. The British Apprentice heads in the ring and gets on the top turnbuckle, greeting the crowd one more time before his theme music fades away and he gets down, removing his jacket and throwing his t-shirt into the crowd, ready for the match.


Starting the match with some technical wrestling, the basis of both their styles, they quickly exchange headlocks and holds, with Brian first forcing Reagan Cole to the ropes quickly as he tries the Kimura lock early, not getting his hold fully locked in. The brash upstart slaps Reagan Cole across the head and backs up, laughing, before Reagan Cole uses it to fire himself up, this time taking Brian Toogood down on the mat and forcing him to flee to the ropes to avoid a Cole Lock. With both of them teasing their submissions early, they are both not losing a step in trying to get in the heads of the other. In the next sequence of technical wrestling, Brian Toogood is the first to break it up, throwing an elbow and bouncing off the ropes with a lariat! He is quick to jump on the arm, targeting it much like he did against Darius Wright!

Brian Toogood keeps Reagan Cole grounded with various arm based submissions, yanking his arm down with each attempt to get up. Eventually, Reagan Cole manages to break out, and dodging an attempted lariat from Toogood by dropping down the top rope, forcing his younger opponent to the outside. Reagan Cole gets on the apron and charges at Brian Toogood with a diving clothesline, being on top of his opponent! Mixing it up with some brawling, Reagan Cole punches away at Toogood on the outside, and even drops him onto the steel barricade with a back suplex, before he tosses Brian into the ring! However, with Darius near-by, Reagan Cole takes his eyes off Brian Toogood just long enough for the Buffalo native to recover. Upon getting back in the ring, Reagan Cole is knocked out with the Best Kick Around and is covered for a pin.



And Reagan Cole gets his shoulder up, although Brian Toogood has an advantage right now.

As a little nod to his upcoming street fight with Darius at Declaration, Brian Toogood focuses more on brawling and power, stomping and punching a grounded and cornered Reagan Cole. Then, a Fallaway slam forces Reagan Cole to roll on the apron and Brian Toogood, to return the favour from earlier, picks him up and drops him with a Uranage onto the apron! He pushes Cole back into the ring and does a middle finger at Wright before getting back into the ring, enraging Darius to get on the apron, forcing the official to warn him not to get involved. Seeing this distraction, Brian pokes Reagan Cole in the eye and drops him with his Upside Flatliner! Trying once again for a win.



And Reagan Cole stays in it!

Brian Toogood signals for the end and picks Reagan Cole up for his brainbuster onto the knee. Reagan Cole is held up vertically and Brian Toogood yells at his future opponent at ringside… before Reagan Cole drops behind and hits an Olympic slam!

Seeing his chance, Reagan Cole nails multiple lariats in a row before twisting Toogood’s leg with a Dragon Screw Whip. With Brian Toogood on the ground, Reagan Cole locks in a Regal Stretch and hits several headbutts, the Disasterpiece! A desperate Brian Toogood reaches the ropes, but Reagan Cole got exactly what he needed to get back in the match.

Keeping to his mat-based game, Reagan Cole drops Brian Toogood with a German Suplex and maintains a waist-lock, transitioning into a double underhook position. When Brian is close to a vertical base, Reagan Cole hits a snap Tiger Suplex and once again keeps hold of Brian, transitioning to a Dragon Sleeper, a hold which can wear someone down, although his version is not quite a nightmare-inducing one. When Brian Toogood finally gets up, Reagan Cole tops off his technical sequence with his signature inverted suplex! Now Reagan Cole has a pin, but it isn’t enough to put away the title challenger.

With his younger challenger at his mercy, Reagan Cole aims to put him away. He runs off the ropes and leaps over Brian Toogood, but knowing the Kotaro Krusher is coming, Brian Toogood catches Reagan Cole and holds him in place before sending him crashing into the turnbuckles with a German Suplex!

Once again, Reagan Cole rolls to the outside and Brian Toogood follows, throwing him against the barricade recklessly… BEFORE BRINGING HIM OVER TO COMMENTARY AND THROWING HIM DIRECTLY INTO DARIUS WRIGHT!

Brian Toogood delivers several stomps onto Darius Wright before picking Reagan Cole up and back in the ring near the corner. Brian Toogood brings a groggy Reagan Cole to the top turnbuckle and the “Golden Traveler” joins him. The move Brian Toogood is planning appears to be big, but Reagan Cole somehow keeps his feet hooked on the top turnbuckle. The official begs the two to get down and gets closer as Reagan Cole pushes Brian Toogood off the ropes! As he is falling down, seeing the official near-by, Brian extends his arm and his elbow catches the official in the side of the head!

Reagan Cole follows with a diving crossbody, but with no official to count his pin, he gets up to check on the official. Recovering, Brian Toogood nails Reagan Cole in the back of the head with a clothesline! Knowing the official isn’t there to stop him, Brian Toogood rolls out of the ring and picks up the chair Darius was sitting on as the Dark Traveler is still groggy on the outside. Folding it in his hands, Brian Toogood carries it into the ring with him and holds it high in the hair. He smacks the chair once on the ground before picking it up…

And Darius Wright pulls it out of his grip!

Coming to his senses, a vengeful Darius Wright has the chair in his hands and sends it like a spear into the ribs of Brian Toogood, then cracks it over his back! Then again! And repeatedly he smacks Brian Toogood with the chair, bending the furniture over his spine! The crowd cheer as Darius Wright tosses the chair away and shouting, “That’s what you get, motherfucker!” Down at Brian Toogood. Seeing the official start to get to his feet, Darius could just end the match in a DQ… but he knows what will hurt Brian more than getting a chair broken over him again.

The Dark Traveler rolls on the outside of the ring with a chair in hand and hides next to the apron. Reagan Cole starts to come to his senses, almost perplexed that Darius would help him, even if Brian Toogood is perhaps a bigger priority for him to target. But, seeing his chance to capitalize, Reagan Cole takes it. With Brian Toogood just getting up, Reagan Cole leaps over and drives his head into the mat with the Fire of Cole! The Kotaro Krusher connects! The official, while groggy, counts the pin.




Reagan Cole

Perkins: Reagan Cole did it! He defeated Brian Toogood! Brian Toogood has his first loss!

Shine: Sure, there was help from Darius, but Brian Toogood opened that can of worms for himself! Finally, Brian’s ways have caught up to him, Darius gets a measure of revenge, and Reagan Cole gets a big win!

Reagan Cole gets to his feet and the official raises his arm. The British Apprentice gets on the turnbuckles to celebrate but as he gets down, he is met by Darius Wright who gets up in the middle of the ring. The two stare off before Darius says, “You owe me one…” with a cold tone in his voice. The veteran looks at Darius before shrugging, saying “Keep telling yourself that,” before rolling out of the ring, muttering to himself, “I don’t owe him shit…” Reagan Cole celebrates with the fans, high fiving them as he heads to the back.

With him still in the ring, Darius Wright stands over a still groggy Brian Toogood, a sight he hopes to replicate at Declaration. Rather than brutalizing Brian Toogood again tonight, he decides to leave a bit of him for Philly. The lights dim as Darius Wright puts a foot on top of Brian Toogood, the only light shining on them.

Perkins: What will happen at Declaration?! Join us in Philadelphia as one of these men will walk out as the first LDW World Champion!



Big thanks to Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus as always for getting his matches done and with his help with that segment with Nova and Eden along with the cold open I'll call that segment. Then, of course, King Of Armageddon King Of Armageddon for busting his butt with three segments, and thanks to DemonHunter1257 DemonHunter1257 for your part in your debut segment. Then, why not? We can't forget Patriot Pants Patriot Pants for his Patriotic pants, wait... what? How about we hand it to Redolph! Redolph! for mastering Reags (and bruising the ego of a certain someone), and Impactsona Impactsona just tagging ya because we love ya.


-Beavie <3

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