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Episode Five

Main Event
Singles Match

Eden vs Nova Taylor

With this match months in the making, it won't just mark the first time co-owner Eden will enter an LDW ring (and her first match in a long time) but will be an opportunity for the Rainbow Princess to finally get a hand on the woman who has been practically torturing her since signing. Whatever motives Eden has had, whether it'd be due to the past history between them and their family, or just a love of torturing the poor girl, she hasn't just dimmed the joy out of the usually bright Nova Taylor, but helped kept her head out of her matches, causing a losing skid for her mostly. Eden has done the following to Nova. She put him against Darius Wright who is nearly twice her size for her debut match, forced her to partake an embarrassing photo shoot, indirectly cost her two matches, one of which included audio from one of her low points in life, and booked her in a hotel room to directly make fun of a recent break up. It has put Nova in a mental funk. But, if we have learned one thing about Nova Taylor is that the more you kick her around, the harder she'll kick back. This can be the chance for Eden to send her over the edge or a chance for Nova Taylor to send her boss over instead and get revenge.

Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus Beavie Beavie

Singles Match
Jay Washington vs Darius Wright (LDW World Champion)

Talk about a chance to impress? Jay Washington from the very moment he stepped foot into LDW has put himself in the crosshairs of Al Blizzard. After being forced to team with his future opponent for Blackout, he showcased some of his key offensive moves and arguably got the killing blow for his team to win. But, the second generation wrestler has a chance to punch above his weight belt against the toughest man in Liberty or Death Wrestling, our champion Darius Wright. Being unpinned in LDW, Darius Wright, or should we call him "Mr Wright," has had every reason to be confident, but in his first message as champion, showed that success has already gone to his head. Lambasting the crowd who was warming up to him, he had not just shut himself away from the fans, but he's already putting the title on such a high plain, he isn't letting anyone see it unless he is defending it. With his match set against Reagan Cole at Blackout, he has his first warm-up match as champion on PrimeTime. This can end up as a dominant display for the champion, but if he counts out the second-generation wrestler, then "The One," can be The One to pin him. Win or lose, it can be a star-making performance for Jay Washington and a statement maker for our champion.

DemonHunter1257 DemonHunter1257 King Of Armageddon King Of Armageddon

Singles Match
Marley Jameson vs Luke Saint

After taking a week to reassess from his loss at Declaration, the Patron Saint of Crime is back on LDW PrimeTime and we have a chance against someone who is probably looking for some payback after an embarrassing defeat by Saint when he was in a handicap match (and a bag of chips.) Luke Saint has already shown glimpses of his violent side and how his gang operates, along with the fact that he doesn't care to what lengths he has to go in order to get a message sent. Adding that he will likely not be in the best mood after Declaration, we fear for Marley's safety, and he may need to ask Saint about any "hook-ups" he has because we think he needs some extra of his favourite hobby after this match.

Patriot Pants Patriot Pants

Singles Match
Al Blizzard vs Robby J

Welp, talk about an odd match up? We have in one corner, a violent man who does violent things in Al Blizzard, and an interesting fellow who made his first LDW appearance making a scene in the crowd before making goofs out of the security team (and causing some laughs while he was at it). Robby J, believe it or not, is an LDW roster member. He has yet to make his in-ring debut, we don't know anything about him, how he fights, etc, but if he is as quick as his wit, we can have a treat on the roster. However, he probably has the worst person imaginable to joke about. Someone who used people reducing him into a 'joke' as motivation for his violent turn, Al Blizzard already crushed Corey Keenan, and dominated in his first two matches, and considering Jay Washington showed him up after their tag team match, he will use Robby J as a tool for unleashing anger as a statement against his first rival in LDW.

DemonHunter1257 DemonHunter1257 King Of Armageddon King Of Armageddon again :O

Singles Match
Brian Toogood vs Patriot

In a rematch of Foundation, we have Patriot and Brian Toogood facing off and how have the two men grown since then? Brian Toogood, while he is on a bit of a skid, has had multiple big matches and even got to fight for the LDW World Championship and Patriot got a big win against Luke Saint at Declaration and has been gaining his own following. Now Brian Toogood, after some advice from a gal he brags about 24/7, is looking to get himself in a positive direction with and make a statement against someone he felt took him out of his match against Reagan Cole mentally (even though he made fun of him first) and Patriot can prove that he embodies the very heart and soul of LDW with a top-notch win. Oh, and most of all, he can shut up Brian Toogood for all our sake.

Beavie Beavie Patriot Pants Patriot Pants

Grievous 3D Grievous 3D
Jeffry Fucking Mason Jeffry Fucking Mason

The date which we are somewhat aiming for but will probably never hit is...

September 22nd we'll say.

Segments are always welcome and this is the biggest card match wise we have had so far. We know some matches we will have at Blackout (some that haven't been announced yet, wink) and anyone with characters not involved yet we hope you can find something for that PPV. Until then, let's have fun and hit it out of the park again!

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