Learn About Integrated Circuits

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  1. If you have ever wanted to know how computers work and what all makes up a complex electronic system? http://learncircuits.net/ is the place for you. I just opened up the site and it looks great. I will be doing 10 chapters with around six lessons in each chapter. So far I only have Chapter 1 Lesson 1 up, but there is much more to come. I will post a lesson a day until all 10 Chapters are finished. Any questions just comment below. Thanks and come check it out.
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  3. I'm not advertising and Crayo is my bro. You've never heard of MF have you?
  4. It's fine. He's not competing with this site. Normally I wouldn't allow many website advertisements because I don't have a section set up here for it, but this sort of thing is fine since Tony is a friend. Plus, it's a blog which isn't in any way shape or form going to harm this site.
  5. There can be conspiracies about us on that blog!
  6. Everyone has conspiracies about you Lith.
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  8. Anon will fix dw.