Least Amount of Skill

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  1. Who got the farthest in WWE with the least amount of skill?
  2. The Great Khaki, Andre 'the Overrated Giant', Ultimate Warrior, Diesel (not necessarily Kevin Nash, just the character)
  3. ANDRE? :mog:

    Ultimate Warrior, Ryback, Bob Holly?
  4. Tell me what skill Andre had.
  5. David Arquette if WCW counts
  6. If we are talking WCW, DDP went further with what he had than anybody in the business. He truly maxed his worth.
  7. Chavo Guerrero
  8. I think @Testify might have a comment about this.
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  9. No my girl Barbie was very talented she was improving she could of had the longest divas title reign and she just left because she wanted to do other things unlike that skank AJ who just slept around my girl Barbie could take her any day
  10. What about Jim Duggan?

    I mean he wasn't great on the mic, he wasn't a technical wrestler, he could barley run the only reason he got over IMO was because he was an American patriot in the 80's and early 90's.
  11. How far did he get in WWE, though? Wouldn't going far in WWE entail winning a title?
  12. He won the first royal rumble didn't he?
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  13. Good answer
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  14. Not only that but didn't he headline a SNME, not main event but he was a feature match. Along with that he's also a Hall of Famer.
  15. I'd prefer the Royal Rumble win. It's in the history books, plus it's the first one ever.
    John Cena can't say he won the first one ever, can he?
  16. Saturday Nights Main Event was like SummerSlam before and after SummerSlam was invented. It was huge and it had WrestleMania caliber matches on the show. Hogan vs Andre drew 38 Million viewers back in 1987. The most watched wrestling episode in history.

    SNME had thousand times more prestige then the first couple Royal Rumble's.
  17. We're going in circles and we'll never agree here.
  18. How about this,


  19. I try not using those terms. It makes me look like a dou***. I'd rather explain in simple terms.
    I accepted Duggan on this lists, posts ago (and he was your originally selection). In essence, you won the debate.
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