Least fave gimmick?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Over the years we've had many a gimmick that hasn't worked or just been downright strange. Just wondered who or what people's least fave were?

    For me it's the Boogeyman just knocked me sick with the whole worm eating thing and didn't rate it at all. I suppose it was aimed at kids but that for me made it worse!
  2. Was actually a fan of boogey myself.

    Worst gimmick? HHH's burying gimmick. Serious answer, I guess it'll be Big Shows friendly giant gimmick.
  3. triple hhh's gimmick as hunter hearst helmsley the aristocrat was lame too!

    an :thumbup: at shows friendly giant should name change to BFG!
  4. Bryan's nerd gimmick and the whole of DDP's WWE run.
  5. Oh god yeah DDP so annoyin! Wanted to bop his lights out 90% of the time! Will give you that @[seabs] :thumbup:
  6. DDP? Am I missing something?
  7. He went from getting a pop like this :

    To stalking the undertakers wife then he had a run as a motivational speaker. Such a waste of a great WCW talent.
  8. Oh, I don't even remember him.
  9. yeah it was this part i hated!
  10. are you enjoying his heel gimmick any more than that one? :otunga: :lol1:
  11. Yes but it's still dog shit :sad:
  12. DDP's gimmick in WWE drives me crazy, it was just stupid and a huge waste of talent. I guess that as far as damage done by stupid gimmicks this one's probably the worse, but I'm pretty sure there are overall worse gimmicks.
  13. No, he hates the Big Show. No idea why he made a GM on this forum. :burns:

    DK about least favorite, but favorite would be ministry.
  14. What? It's not just me who hates Big Show. 90% of the IWC is pissed off with him.

    Also, a GM on this forum? What? :urm:
  15. You made Big Show a GM on the forum. He is Randy Cabbage. That's why he types like that because of his big banana fingers. :upset::burns:
  16. Lol Savage has about as much power as Xanth and his 7 chins.
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  17. Hahaha this is why I love you. So much man love for you right now. :dawg:
  18. CM Punk's current sellout gimmick.
  19. Is that like an inside joke or something? :dawg::burns:
  20. The "WWE Superman Babyface" gimmick as a whole.