Least Favorite Indy/Puro Wrestlers?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by THG?, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. I've decided to make a least favorite one too. There isn't many indy/puro wrestlers I dislike, but there's still a few nonetheless. In no particular order:
    Davey Richards: It's not like I hate him, but I sorta giggle everytime I see him wrestle, it's just meh really.
    Kyle O'Reilly: Kinda the same reason as Davey, and I fucking hate that mouthpiece.
    Roderick Strong: Don't get me wrong, I like him in the ring, but he just looks so stale it's unbelievable.
    Eddie Edwards: Pretty much the same reason as all the above.
    Bad Luck Fale: There's not really a substantial reason, but I just don't like his look really.

    I use to dislike Kevin Steen but he's grown on me a lot recently. I'd say that's about it, is there any certain indy/puro wrestlers you guys dislike?
  2. In no particular order:

    Michael Elgin - He hits every move correctly, but there's no content between the moves. He just goes from move to move to move. Not to mention being incredibly bland and boring.
    Scott Reed - Same as Elgin.
    AR Fox - Literally just spots and trying to land on his neck.
    Brian Cage - Used to enjoy this guy. But he's put on so much muscle lately he's become horrible to watch.
    Bad man Pondo - Not a fan of deathmatch or hardcore wrestling overall. But Pondo is just boring even with those stips added on.

    gotta give a shoutout to Kevin Steen in PWG right now as well sadly. I loved Steen in 2012 and I still enjoy him in ROH and in the ring. But his PWG promos this year have been just bad. He's turned into a panhandler trying to get people to buy his t-shirts. The Mount Rushmore promo at the end of the latest PWG preview is a prime example, Cole is cutting a serious heel promo on Gargano and Steen buts in to sell his shirt and talk about breaking ACH, acting like a goof in the mean time, ruining a pretty serious promo. I love Steen, but I don't want to see him become Colt Cabana.
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  3. Totally second that statement over Steen.
  4. - Davey Richards: because he's boring asshole who who barely even cares for this business
    - KENTA: omg he's so stiff
    - Jay Lethal: boring and mindnumbing
    - Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman: I just can't stand watching these two wrestle, I just can't

    Honorable mentions go to Tetsuya Naito and Shelton Benjamin - I don't hate them, but I don't like them either.
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  5. Jay Lethal: No real character, Bland. Very talented but he really needs to be the Black Machismo.
    Eddie Edwards: Same as above, Put him on my favourite list too because I really enjoy him in ring and Wolves are awesome.
    C&C Wrestle Factory: Just bad.
  6. Forgot to mention Caprice Coleman, he just seems too sluggish to be black.
  7. So Eddie is your fav and your least fav at the same time?
  8. Colt Cabana. I don't get the hype. Decent enough wrestler but not funny in the least. He's a panhandler and salesman. That's it.
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  9. Kinda yeah as in he is one of my favourites in one area and my least in another.
    • Kyle O'Reilly
    • Jay Lethal
    • Colt Cabana
    • Eddie Edwards
  10. The color commentary guy for AAW. Tries so hard to be funny but fails all the time.
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  11. If commentators count, Kevin Kelly dammit.
  12. Steen on commentary. Not funny.
  13. Like in PWG? Yeah ikr, hardly ever focuses on the match and tries way too hard to be funny.
  14. Yup. Steen's PWG commentary this year has been bad jokes and plugging his shirts.
    Chuckie T is da GOAT wrestler commentator in PWG though.
  15. Agreed, Rick Knox ain't bad commentating either.
  16. Well Knox is Jesus.

    Shane Strickland ain't my cup of tea either so I'll add him to my list of least favs. Decent high flyer but his gimmick is fucking #Swerve. Can't take him serious.
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  17. :idk:
  18. How is that confusing in any way? I love him in ring but he is bland and has no mic skills. He is on my least favourite for the latter and my favourite for the first.
  19. He's on your favorite list and least favorite.
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