Other Least Favorite Wrestler(s) From 'Other' Promotions

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Larsosc, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. We had this one for the WWE section, but it's too predictable when it comes to the WWE. You have the people who despise Punk, the people who despise Cena and that is how it's always been. I'm interested in this question though: Who are your most disliked/least favorite wrestlers from promotions other than WWE and TNA?

    As I stated above I am more interested in your opinions as I don't really hate wrestlers too much, I only really have pet peeves, but here I go. You can do as many as you want -- you can do a list of 5 if you want, or even a list of 10 for all I care. I'm just gonna rant about one certain wrestler for now. Might edit and add some if can bother.
    Without further ado:

    Davey Richards
    I hate to be one of the "psychology!" freaks but I really have to point out that in my opinion, Davey Richards' matches are such an overkill most of the time. He pulls out moves left and right because they're nifty and is too goddamn eager to do them. Sure, granted when he has the right opponent (which for me has to be a bigger guy) he can put on an amazing match. Sadly, that isn't the case most of the time. Usually when he faces guys his size he just tends to pull out move after move after move and usually forgets important elements like long-term selling, heck, even selling in general. It's like one of those cases he's in a video game and he drinks a magic potion of some sort that helps him recover and gives him super strength to do whatever crowd-pleasing move that would normally be insane to pull off long into a match where he's been beaten up badly. It just takes the realism from the matches for me, sorry.

    Go ahead. Not every indy/puro wrestler is in your fave five. There's got to be at least one you don't like/enjoy.
  2. I agree with you on Davey, he's not one of my least favorite but was never a big fan. I'll go with Mark Briscoe. Hell even Jay Briscoe.
  3. Roderick Strong. So fucking bland, just average in the ring, and poor mic skills. This guy was RoH champion. Ridiculous!
  4. Death match wrestlers. Not a fan of deathmatches and there are so many yardtards running around doing them.
  5. Kevin Steen *Awaits raging Indy Marks*
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  6. Starting to think this guy might be a troll lol. He hates ziggler and steen? Is such a thing even possible?> don't think so
  7. Would love to know why.
  8. Davey is a solid worker but lacks anything else plus when he gets his intense stare I just want to throw up.
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  9. cause he's fat.
  10. So he hates wyatt and henry too
  11. :true:
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  12. :steiner:
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  14. While this post was both hilarious and original, I would have rather you just post what you hate about Steen.
  15. Davey does pull of a mean lapdance though. And he can pray like JEEZUS
  16. He won't,he has no reasons other than the usual "he's fat and overrated". The dude is a troll,with the username Black Jesus and the replies he has given make it quite obvious imo.
  17. I actually don't love Steen like others seem to do. He's a funny character IRL, and his promos are good, but I feel he's a bit sluggish at times in the ring. But I wouldn't say he's my least favorite wrestler. I'd have to give that honor to Rhett Titus; his goddamn face is as punch-able as Miz's.

  18. It seems obvious but I thought I would give him an out.
  19. Hold on...I don't like someone that a lot of people like so that makes me a troll? Seems legit. The reason why I don't like Steen is because he just seems so sluggish in the ring
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