Kayfabe Leaving As The Best

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  1. *Buster Gates is lounging next to a pool wearing swimming shorts and sunglasses. Reginald is sitting next to him.*
    Reginald: How is your neck feeling today, sir?
    Buster Gates: Still hurts.
    Reginald: What were you even thinking jumping off the top rope like that?
    Buster Gates: I was thinking I would win the match... And I did.
    Reginald: ... But look at the damage its done to you.
    Buster Gates: All I need is some rest, I’m fine... Or I will be at least...
    Reginald: Maybe you should take it easy this week, especially since you have your title match next weekend.
    Buster Gates: Urgh... Yeah...
    Reginald: You don’t seem too pleased?
    Buster Gates: Well... Where do I begin? It’s almost a given that I’m going to win the title next week, right?
    Reginald: There’s potential.
    Buster Gates: So what’s next after that? My main aim here was to win the Undisputed Championship. That’s something I’m going to do after being here for what? A month?
    Reginald: You’re saying this as if it’s a bad thing, sir?
    Buster Gates: It is a bad thing! Everywhere I go it usually takes me months before I get a shot at a championship and never once have I actually won anything... Ever. And now here I am with the title in my grasp and I’m just annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that it has been so easy. Where’s the competition around here?
    Reginald: Seemingly hiding... I agree that there isn’t much on offer here.
    Buster Gates: Exactly! What am I doing, Reg? Seriously. I’ve been to better wrestling promotions in Butlins than what is here. Precision... Yeah, precisely shit.
    Reginald: Do you not think you could turn things around when you’re champion though?
    Buster Gates: I probably could, you’re right. I expect people to step up to want to face me. I mean, why wouldn’t they? I’m me. But why should I? Do these ingrates even deserve me helping them out? Why should I waste my time on people who can’t be helped.I have money... Actually, I have everything. The fact that I’m even concerning myself with anything shows that I’m losing it. These people aren’t worth my thoughts. They aren’t worth my time of day...
    Reginald: So... What are you going to do?
    Buster Gates: Listen, Reg. I’m bored... I’m bored of being the best. I’m bored of the competition. Hell, I’m bored of wrestling... I’ll tell you what. When I win the Undisputed Championship next week, I’m done. I’m walking away on the top of my game. Screw them. Screw the company. I don’t need them! The only thing I need is the proof that I’m the best, and winning the championship is my proof. So, when I walk out of Night of Champions with the Undisputed Championship around my waist, that’ll be the last time anyone will see me in Precision. They’ll be left with no champion, no top star... And I’m going to laugh in their face as I leave.
    *The camera fades to black.*
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