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  1. It's always hard to come out here in the Locker Room and create a thread which is actually serious. I went to visit my doctor the other day to check on how my bod was doing... the doctor looked me in the face and told that I may never be able to post again...
    Of course it's something I don't believe, but the fact is it's something I have to deal with. Time has taken it's toll on my hands and...

    (loud "WE WANT GOHAN" chants cause Punk to lose his concentration. Shadoxcity helps out by putting Punk over..."No member has ever endured the schedule that you have!")

    "The one thing about me is that I can't do anything halfway, and I come here and I see the members chanting Gohan's name and D'Zs name and one thing's for sure, you're going to have all of that in the future and tha'ts what I want for the WWEF members. In spite of what people may think of me, what I've always wanted is for the members to have a good time and enjoy themselves. I've always tried to provide it whether I was on the good side or the bad side.

    But what was always important to me was the performance, each time they (the members) put their hands on their keyboard and registered to get a WWEF membership, they didn't regret it because they knew that if they could come on the site and support or bash me, whatever it was, it was alright as long as they had a good time.

    Over the last couple of months there's been a lot of talk of bad attitudes about this forum, and one thing... that's not going to revolve around this forum now is me.

    I don't know where I'm at right now, I need to have everything checked, I might be beyond reconstructive finger surgery, but if I can't come back to the level I've performed before, then I can't perform at all. I can't just go half ass, I have to be more positive, make good posts, make members laugh and have fun.

    I took on the schedule I did because I felt that I had to, I wanted to enjoy being the WWEF Legend, I wanted to join many groups, do IWT interview sessions, change WWE Forums for the better and I got to do all that. And if I have nothing else, I have that to take with me.

    At a time when toughness is a big deal in the WWEF, all I've got is a lot of sorrow, a lot of tears, and a lot of emotion.

    And I'm gonna go back to home and see what's left for me, whether it be in this forum or out of this forum.

    Over the last few months, I've lost a lot of things and one of the things I've lost is my smile... And I know it doesn't mean a lot to everyone else, but it means a lot to me and I have to go and fix myself and take care of myself and find my smile because somewhere along the lines, I lost it.

    I don't care if it's unpopular and people want to make fun of me because I'm an emotional guy.

    But this is all I've ever wanted and over the last year and a half. I got to do it and whether you like me or you don't, I just want to say that the last year and a half has been the most wonderful year of my life, and if I never do it again, it's gonna be okay. I got one year of my life to do it and I have you (The WWEF Community) to thank. I'm gonna go home now.

    Thank you everybody..

    Anyways, thanks for the oppurtunity of being Staff. Later guys.
  2. This is the shawn michaels script btw, but I'm gone.
  3. I thought you were gonna stay until Monday at least.:sad: :
  4. wait... what? :upset: :cry:
  5. ok
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  6. Bitch better not be true.
  7. I mean oh noez dont go.
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  9. OH YES. One of the few rap artists I enjoy a lot.
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  10. I....

    think I love you. Brotha Lynch Hung is the fucking man
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  12. RIP Peace
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  13. I always correct people who ask me where the 'ATM machine is'

    "well its back there, but first pull up a chair for this lesson on unnecessary redundancy"

    He was like "well actually all redundancy is unnecessary by definition, so you've ironically just been redundant when offering to teach a course on the subject"

    I just walked away hanging my head in shame
  14. i should be staff again
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  15. LOL.
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