Kayfabe Leaving??

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  1. Antonios music hits which the crowd begin to cheer

    After about 30 seconds Antonio appears on the stage he seems to look annoyed and slightly sadden. He walks down to the ring and shaking some of the fans hands and finally gets in the ring the crowd a bit concerned for Antonio

    You guys changed your opinion on me quick aha, but tonight, we need to talk serious. Sometimes I come out here and joke around or I get Alex to joke around with you guys, but tonight I'm being dead serious and I need your support through this
    The crowd begin to cheer quietly becuase they are not aware of what Antonio is gonna say
    As you all know, the injured knee genes kinda run in the family aha and my knee was injured before coming here, I needed 6 months to a year of of wrestling
    The crowd begin to boo as realisation sets in of what Tony might be about to say
    As you all also know I came back after about 4 months when doctors were highly recommending I take another 4 months out of my wrestling schedule to rest the injury

    Antonio begins to pace around the ring with a slight tear in his eyes, he wipes his eyes and continues to talk
    I came back to wrestling after 4 months and my knee has started to come out of place again due to the strain of the wrestling schedule.
    The crowd begin to chant, Please don't go, please don't go
    I have a few matches and my last match will be at Money in the Bank, I won't be gone for long, a month, maybe not even that. However WHEN I come back I will be better than ever and I will be great again, I was nearly on the top of the mountain and I plan on getting there again.
    The crowd begin to cheer louder and louder as Antonio continues to speak
    I hate the fact I've gotta do this but I don't have a choice in the matter it's either, Wrestle and retire early like dad or rest for a little bit and come back better than ever.
    I am not doing this little speech on doctors orders or Management thought it was best, I'm doing thus for me and my family and I'm doing it for you guys

    Antonio begins to shred some tears as he sits on the top turnbuckle, his wife jumps the barricade and begins to hug him, security try to stop her before Antonio stops the security
    Stop!!! It's fine

    Antonio jumps off the top rope on to the mat and then continues to hug Izobella the camera is picking up what they are saying and they both begin to shred tears
    You're doing the right thing baby you'll get better and come back stronger
    But I don't wanna leave this babe I love this more than anything, and I'm sorry about the whole thing about in the house
    It's fine I lashed out but this isn't about this, I love you and respect your decisions
    Thank you, I love you too
    The two kiss in the ring then Izobella raises Antonios hand and the crowd cheer, suddenly the lights go out and a high pitch scream laugh type things echos throughout the arena and Chris' Theme begins to play
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    *Chris is bent down on the ramp with a hoodie on as he stands he brings the hood off of his head with a much different look on his face*
    So, you're really going for a while?
    *Chris walks down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and looks Antonio straight in the eyes*
    You know after everything that's happened you're still a brother to me, we've still been through everything together and you know damn well I'd still put my life on the line for you no matter what happens to me. At Money In The Bank I'm still gonna give you the fight of a lifetime but everything aside we've made our way up this business together and even though we might not be friends right now we're still brothers through this great business we work in.
    *The crowd start cheering at this moment which bonds two great superstars*
    When you do come back I'm gonna be standing right here ready to fight you yet again because Tony at the end of the day you're going to be coming back better and stronger and I want to be the first match of the new and improved Antonio Stark
    *Antonio and Chris shake hands which is met with cheers by the crowd*
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    Chris offers out a hand to shake, which Tony does so and shakes Chris' Hand. Chris looks like he is going to get out of the ring and suddenly Chris looks back at Tony and goes for a superkick which Antonio ducks. Unfortunately Izobella was standing behind Antonio and Chris hit the superkick on her, she falls to the floor, whiplasing her head on the floor Tony runs over to her and checks on her. He gets up and Chris has a shocked look on his face. Tony begins to shout and you can hear every word
    Tony goes back over to Izobella who doctors and EMTs are now checking on. The doctors get her out the ring and Tony looks even more pissed off.
    He runs at Chris and begins to lay in the punches. He finally gets him up against the ropes and hits a massive clothesline sending Chris flying over the ropes. The crowd are still in shock about the events of what's happened, then they begin to cheer ad Tony performs his old suicide dive and then back in to the ring to perform his cannonball combo. They begin to fight up the stage and finally Chris retreats leaving Tony alone on the stage

    This is all your fault Chris all yours
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