Basketball LeBron James - Where does he go?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Jun 30, 2018.

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Where will LBJ go?

Poll closed Jul 1, 2018.
  1. Nowhere

  2. LA

  3. Boston

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  4. Philly

  5. San Antonio

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  6. Houston

  7. Other

  1. [​IMG]

    Vote on where you think LeBron James will end up.
    Discuss it below. If you choose "Other" state which team.

    I will give whoever picks the right team $500 forum cash.
    Once you make your vote, you can't change it.
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  2. Britain. Cause America has now taken our biggest sports stars in Rooney, Gerrard and David Beckham.

    Time for us to get revenge.
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  3. Welcome to Chelsea FC, Lebron
  4. LA mainly necause it makes sense, and I want him away from Boston.
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  5. LA seems to have the most to offer. Everyone is saying he stays or he goes to LA, nothing in between.
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  6. His kid has a year before he begins high school, so he could return to Cleveland based on that alone.

    I pick Lakers, though. Better organization, city, and eventually better teammates. The Cavs owner is a crybaby d*ckhead anyway

    The wife will say L.A. F*ck her opinion, just get the hell away from that dingy bum J.R. Smith.

    Make more money in L.A, then have your kid fly a jet to that sh*tty middle school in Cleveland everyday.
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  7. Lithuania
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  8. I don't really care where he goes, but I just want him away from Boston, but knowing my luck he will end up in Portland, lmao.
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  9. The Clippers. :russo:
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  10. LA Lakers looks like it.

    Also, that means...

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  11. Well...
    heldaghost, Randy Borton, Red Rain, Moon, and Southern Style Seth are getting $500. GG lol
    Really would have thought this would take a few days. He couldn't wait to get far away from here could he? lolol
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  12. It will be the Raptors vs the Lakers in 2019. Mark my words.
  13. LeBron will still lose either way.
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  14. I was looking over stuff and it seems like a lot of people seem to think he won't make a finals appearance once during his 4 year contract because they spent so much on him, they can't afford any other great players. RIP. lolol
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  15. I take back what I said... Warriors vs Raptors in 2019!!

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  16. Do they still have the guy who said the N-word on Raw?
  17. I don't know who that is. When did it happen?

  18. Ya know, THE BALLS!
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  19. I don't think so.

    You know who else want be in the finals? The Trailblazers and Warriors would win anyways. #RiggedGames
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  20. Oh Lonzo? yeah he is on the Lakers.
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