LeBron on Flair.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. :woo1: = swag?
  2. Isn't swag wearing those ridiculous trainers and shouting Yolo whilst having unprotected sex for that girls 4th abortion? Flair seems more of a classy womanizer character.
  3. :lol1: thus the question mark.
  4. Blading Swag.
  5. Swag = Balotelli. :boss:
  6. Flair had class, not swag.
  7. Re: RE: LeBron on Flair.

    What is swag or class though? Serious question btw, I know things associated with them both for example a well tailored suit is classy but wouldn't make Lil Wayne class.
  8. Swag is about how you carry yourself. Your confidence, manifested into your appearance. Your clothes, your body language, your entire character. The way you wear clothes rather than what clothes. The way you do things instead of the fact that you do them.

    Being classy is swag, swag is just a term people use for more "street" based, and class is.... Classy. Your swag might be suits, and dress hats. It might be plaid shirts and cut off jeans. Its just different types of swag. City boy, country boy, pretty boy, whatever you want.

    ~Three Said That~
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