Legend helped Tensai get his job

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 9, 2012.

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  2. The one blemish on Ace's otherwise flawless resume
  3. And Undertaker's
  4. I don't quite understand Tensai's hate. I understand the hate for him being in the Me, I completely agree there, but not for him in general. I'd rather him be the dominant monster than anyone else (bar Henry).
  5. I would rather see 20 different heels get the push that he has gotten. Guys like DZ and Cody are jobbing to Big Show/Brodus while this fatfuck Albert gets to come in and go over Cena & Punk. Fuck that
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  6. Yeah I edited my post. I mean in general. I Hate the spotlight he's given and the spot on the roster in general, but he's a good monster-worker if that makes sense. He can tell a story, he's interesting in the ring. Just has a crap gimmick imo and limited variety.
  7. He went over arguably the two biggest stars this company has to offer, and nobody gives a shit. Nobody! Damien Sandow is more over than him and he hasn't done a single thing! Even ADR is more over than him! Complete waste of a very impressive push.

    Plus the guy's boring as hell. Gtfo Tensai.

    Edit: Sorry, didnt notice your post, Crayo. The guy just really isn't entertaining.
  8. I don't find him entertaining at all. He has a few nice moves, but he's too limited in the ring and brings nothing in terms of personality or character. His green mist makes me want to hurt puppies. I just don't like him. Fuck him
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  9. you like Lord Tensai but not TNA

    lol what
  10. I can see why people don't find him entertaining. I just think IN THE RING he's watchable, which you don't say about many big men any more. If Henry wasn't hilarious with his mannerisms and a pro at acting like a legit fucking tough guy then he'd be the same, his wrestling is boring, Tensai's isn't in my opinion. But his gimmick, segments, theme, promos, and all the important stuff suck I agree.

    Tensai probably does get more heat than ADR which is sad, he gets quite a few boo's when he's actually in the ring but outside people just don't care. Yet WWE will continue to push him to the moon.
  11. lolol :true:
  12. Quote me where I said I don't like TNA.

    You like Hogan but not Tensai

    lol what
  13. Hogan the wrestler in his prime? Of course I liked him more than Tensai, only a retard wouldn't.

    Hogan the 60 year old GM spotlight whore? Quote me where I said I liked him. The closest I've ever said to that was I don't mind him as a GM as long as he isn't the focus of the show, which he more or less has been.

    And you were bashing TNA in the ratings thread the other day talking about the shitty product.
  14. Protip: Wasn't aimed at you.

    Quote me where I said I didn't like TNA. Please. I bashed about the current product yes, I bash about WWE every day yet I own a WWE forum. Are you stupid Dolph?

    You bash WWE every single day, yet watch it every single week, You can bash on something but still like it. Jesus. I've never once said I hated TNA. Ever. I've encouraged many users here to watch it. Fact.
  15. His point was clearly that TNA's current product >> Tensai. You stick up for Tensai, while you shit on TNA's current product. Pretty simple. You stupid Crayo?
  16. I looked back at some big albert stuff and he seems pretty legit. It's just a crappy gimmick IMHO. I really am just waiting for the summer to see hard workers get pushed.
  17. I've said Tensai is a boring fuck and should be no where near the main event, but in the ring is watchable. How is that sticking up for Tensai? Jesus christ have you been consuming rohypnol?
  18. I thought it was ridiculous that they needed to bring a monster sort of gimmick on the show (especially with an aging, failed mid carder behind the gimmick), given that Brock just came back, and you have Ryback, Henry and Mason Ryan elsewhere.
  19. Completely agreed. Henry could have played Tensai's role easily. He would have played it better too.
  20. The thread would have gone as it should have with everyone shitting on the guy if you hadn't made the comment about 'not understanding the Tensai hate'- that is sticking up for him.

    Don't come at me with that weak shit because you are a bitter Tensai mark. If you want to fight we can fight.
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