Legends Legend Membership: Features, Price, FAQ

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  1. I've created help document (and a help tab) for information on Legend membership.
    This details every feature and benefit to Legend membership, as well as price and payment options.

    You can use this thread to ask how to use features, where to find them and any other questions related to the upgrade.
    Access the page by hovering Help > Legend Membership or click here.
  2. - Bypass all flood and spam checks: I get those every time in the Chat room. :balor:
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  3. Can't control that per group, but I've decreased the wait time between messages to 1 second instead of 2.
  4. Update: Hiding online status is now a Legend exclusive
  5. Ah, feels good to be a legend :hhh2:
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. that's a good start. Legend should have a lot of cool stuff to make people want to upgrade. I recommend an unlimited inbox for Legend members. And TWF had a section for their premium members where anything went (Not moderated and is locked away from normal members) I remember someone uploaded a crack for some wrestling game and they didn't do anything so that made it cool. They also gave updates and new skins to their premium members first in that section.
  8. This does exist. I think we already do the inbox thing for legends, but if not it is well worth looking into.

    We're looking at and working on new features for legends as we speak
  9. Think limit for Legends PM is 5k, since it's the same for mods. No way I'd fill that though, barely keep more than 5 as it is.

    And yeah, Legends perk will be undergoing some big changes in the weeks to come. If all goes well.
  10. I'm all down for you doing all these new features for Legends, but don't make it so it's mandatory for you to pay for ALL the cool stuff, cause it's a forum y'know.
  11. It definitely won't end up like that.
    I am going to add more things to the store, too.
  12. Sounds good, only thing to use cash on is bets really.
  13. Updated.

    - View who voted on polls and for what
    - Hide poll results until poll is finished
  14. What about the ability to choose any username colour rather than two options? Everyone else can still get the two ofc, but at least Legends can get a choice.
  15. Updated.

    - Create private bets in the betting exchange
    - Create up to 5 bets in the betting exchange (vs 2 for standard membership)
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    Conversation prefixes work again, add those here.


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