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  1. I was thinking a bit and thought we have a lot of new users and an idea came to my mind. What if we had a 1 month trial membership?

    The old WF members know what's the upgrade about and some of the new members know it too, but what if they aren't convinced on paying 8 dollars for that feature? I think it can be a good idea to have the trial membership because it can be cheaper and people will experience what does it feel to be legend for one month and if they like it they'll buy a longer upgrade or they'll renew the upgrade they bought. Some people say that being legend is the best thing in this site while others say that being legend is only worthy if you want to change your username or usertitle.
  2. Legend is given by donating to the forum,it shouldn't be able for members to get it for free when others pay for it.
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    Didn't say it has to be for free, but I'm not the appropriate guy to say "hey staff, make a trial upgrade for about 5 bucks". I talked about a trial, it can be for 1, 2, 3, or maybe even 4 dollars. Something cheaper for people to try out the upgrade.
  4. Legend ain't expensive man,I believe you can buy it for 6 months for under ten bucks. Also,how could something be free if you paid for it?
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  5. I said trial, I didn't say it hast to be for free... I know Legend isn't expensive, but I've heard a lot of things about the upgrade and some people say it's amazing and other just say it's only good if you want to change your name, that's why I think that a trial can be a good solution. I know it's 8 bucks for a half a year membership, but who would spend 8 bucks in something some people say it's just a worthless thing unless you want to change your name and title?
  6. I don't agree with this. The reason there is legend is for people to donate and help the site out. If we got a free trial, that would defeat the whole purpose. Especially if it is for 1 month, when people buy Legend for 1 month. Legend isn't like a game where you don't know what to expect, the site tells you the perks of legend, and it is pretty understandable.
  7. Can someone quote me where I said it was going to be for free? I said it could be cheaper, not for free. People would donate to the site by purchasing the trial membership and they'd have a one month access to the features.
  8. If it's cheaper not free, we don't really need a trial. Legend is extremely cheap.
  9. You said pay for a free upgrade in the last sentence of your second post which really doesn't make sense. Also,if they enjoy this forum and they want to see it prosper then donating a little money wouldn't and shouldn't be a worthless investment.
  10. You're right there. I'm going to edit it. Didn't even thought about what I was saying.
  11. I know it's really cheap and your decision to buy it or not. Before I purchase an online product I prefer to ask some people that have already purchased the same thing I'm trying to buy and I'm sure a lot of guys would do the same too. As I said, some people say it's amazing and others say it's useless unless you want to change your name and title, that's why I thought of a cheaper and shorter trial.
  12. So much hate on Nano.
  13. Doesn't really matter. After BLFFL I'm the one who makes the most stupid threads in this site... (and I make about 3 or 4 threads a month)
  14. No ones hating on him. I can't hate on a guy who looks so much like Corey Graves :emoji_wink:
  15. *cough* Gohan *cough*
  16. If you don't have $8 for 6 months, you're not likely to have $2-4 for a trial. Not needed at all.
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  17. I don't see a need for a trial legends membership. If people just want to try it then they can get the 6 month version. That's like no money at all.
  18. Solidus answered it. No need to hate on suggestions though people, I welcome them with open arms.

    Our new legend system is subscription based anyway, so a trial would just be a lesser subscription than our other packages. I can't offer less time as a legend than I have already, as it's simply not profitable. I've made the prices as cheap as I possibly can, still hoping it contributes largely to the hosting bill.
  19. I feel like a fat, greedy bank manager.
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  20. Lmao why?
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