Ring of Honor Legendary NJPW member confirmed for SoH IX

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  1. Ring of Honor has officially announced Jushin Thunder Liger for Supercard of Honor, during the company’s annual WrestleMania weekend event. Below is the official press release:


    Seems to be a solid show they're trying to line up for, I'll definitely give it a watch when/if I have time that weekend to do so.
  2. The show was already sold out. But they'll definitely be able to sell a few extra tickets with Liger brought in.

    Outside of the New Japan big 3 they hit the jackpot by getting Liger over.
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  3. Liger is a great guy to bring. A midcarder in Japan these days due to age and all, but still gets big pops in America. I'd love to watch Liger live myself.
  4. Since we have no other real thread on Supercard, figured I'd post the new event poster here.


    ROH posters keep being on point.
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