Legends and the name changing members

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Nobody, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. We should change this shit. Legends should have say, 3 times in 30 days, but if you use all 3 there is an extra 30 day wait or something.

    Some of the members here change names literally every week, some twice per week - and sure, i've changed my name a grip of times, but it is a pain in the ass in IWT to figure out what idiot is facing who today when their name changes constantly. FFS even a message to Legends telling them to keep one part of their fucking name (like Aids for me) or keeping their original userbar would be great. Even you, Great White Crayo/Xanth.
  2. Wasn't there a plugin where you could see past usernames and number of changes?
  3. i think it's still there, but so much work. It took me weeks to realize you weren't shadow.
  4. Yeah, go to the user's profile and click "Previous Names" right above the "Write something" box.
    And still have no idea how that happened with Shadow still being Shadow

    Still is a good idea to have something on the userbar distinguishing who's who, you're right.

    EDIT: @JwabTV on Twitter gave you away, maybe everyone should have their Twittahs linked lol
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  5. Changed it so it has Jwab in front so people want to tag me. I didn't know people could lose track of me :emoji_cry: Sorry Aids, I know you want to keep tabs on the greatest thing the world has ever seen.
  6. Yeah, before seeing the Twitter thing I thought you were Dazzle.

    No hard feelings, Aids.
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  7. [​IMG] come at me bro.
  8. It's annoying as hell for IWT. Adam is definitely the worst at it.
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  9. Dazzle has been doing it a lot lately too. I have done it only once. From tripinthead69 to Trip in the Head and thats it lol
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  10. I honestly have no clue who ppl are a lot of the time.
  11. I change it every once in a while, but weekly? Some members are looking at 40+ changes annually, that is fucked.
  12. can we just get rid of faggots doing shitty name changes? hate that shit fuck you all die seriously omg
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  13. no.
  14. go fuck yourself
  15. Cry about it more.
  16. whats it look like I'm doing???

    I've always been anti-name change. Its annoying, idk who the fuck people are and whats the point?
  17. Its so annoying it even wirse when you can't check there previous names because you can't view there profile coz they don't follow you

    on another note where the fuck is seabs? Has he changed his name or has he just not been on for a while?
  18. I just want to know why my name was changed back. Crayo was open, I took it, umadbro?
  19. OHHHHHHHH THATS WHY! I wondered why I couldn't see some previous names. Derp
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