Legends are able to double post?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Rysenberg, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Could this be allowed as a rule? Because it irritates the hell out of me in certain discussion threads (like the Murray one last week for example) where I want to post two totally different things within 10/20 minutes of each other and they end up being the same post. Plus, with it being legends only that would remove the possibility of spam bots.
  2. I would say at least lower the time limit to only a minute or two for legends and leave it on an hour for everyone else.
  3. The only reason we haven't yet is because some legends like to use it in their reviews.

    Post 1


    Post 2

    But if you want we can just disable it.
  4. I'd prefer it disabled. I guess they can just adapt their reviews so they write it all in a single edit. Besides, the person who basically invented that is pro double posting lol.
  5. I'm all for it.
  6. Additionally someone doing a review can simply keep C+Ping
    to make it look like that lol.
  7. yes! remove double post stopperer!!


    you disable yet?


  8. inb4 we see 1000 double posts in Live Discussion threads.
  9. I like the idea because it will make threads fresh, and bump them to the top of the list instead of when you post around 40 minutes after your last post, and no-one can tell if you've posted again.
  10. I hate it too.. Get annoyed when I see Crayo making two post in little time.

    Change it if possible. :pity:
  11. Yea that is what I do in my review threads anyway.


    HR for the win
  12. Legends should be able to double post now.
  13. I can

  14. What are the rules crayo? you need to set some guidlines!! like no spamming the counting thread and such!
  15. I just hope people don't abuse the power. Just to raise their post count. Any sign of anyone abusing the power I'll tell you Crayo.
  16. Have you taken the advantage of it or something, I swear your post count was 10k yesturday and now it's 11k!

    Anyway, thanks for adding this.
  17. Nope. Lol, It just got implemented like 5 minutes ago. :lol1:
  18. Pretty sure you and Mince are the only two that care the slightest bit about post count
  19. Double post to up post count
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