Legends Confirmed For RAW, Vader Discusses Favorite RAW Moment

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 16, 2012.

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  2. They revealed all that on Monday. Cole said during the Vader match that Ace had fixed it so that there would be one legend on every episode leading up to the 1000th ep. The dirt sheets are getting lazy if they report this just now when I made a thread on it Tuesday. :burns:
  3. Excited to see who the legends are.
  4. Hope it's DDP, just cause DDP is awesome.
  5. Bob Backlund. :gusta:
  6. I cant wait to see dx
  7. Why @[SantinoUS] ?
  8. probably the typical legends WWE brings back. Shawn Michaels, Piper, Snuka, Rhodes, Hart, and Stone Cold will most likely be the legend on the 1000th episode
  9. Would love to see Kurt Angle back but damn TNA took him away from me :cry:
  10. I don't want to see any of the predictable legends, unless it's Austin or something. I wanna see DDP and 'Psycho' Sid!
  11. I also think they're going to bring some legends who don't appear so often, like Vader, for example. If they bring legends who always show up it's not going to be that fun. :sad:

    But on the one thousandth episode we'll have all the legends that showed up and a lot more, if I recall correctly.
  12. They are also going to use the entire roster on that episode. Interesting
  13. Is there enough time for all of it?
  14. Actually Leo. They will extend the ep. to 4 hours.
  15. :dawg:
  16. It would probably never happen but I'd love The lights to go down and Sting walk down the ramp
  17. Lets be realistic, no TNA talent will be there. I'm hoping the Road Dogg being added might mean he will be around in the next couple weeks.....not sure who else but it's safe to assume the legends leading up to the 1000th episode will be people capable of wrestling. And after last week, they have a lot to live up to in their matches, Vader was awesome.
  18. I hope we get a string of good crowds, the pop for Vader was pretty good. I don't want the other legends to come out to silence.
  19. Agreed, i was totally down with the "you still got it" chant. Hoping for more worthwhile people and a skipping out on Sgt Slaughter, Hacksaw, or anyone else who clearly needs to keep baggy clothes or a suit on. Worst smackdown, ever.
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