Legends House 2 and Tough Enough delayed, possibly canceled.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Jul 6, 2014.

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  1. I don't know about you guys but I enjoyed the 1st season of Legends House.. it was enjoyable to watch the old school stars in different situations, the conflicts, the new friendships made and the old rivalries reborn.

    I also enjoyed Tough Enough when it used to be on and WWE wants to relaunch it as a WWE network show.. but now....

    Anyone else think they are going a little too far with all this budget cutting?

  2. Too bad, I enjoyed Legends house.
  3. I'd be down for Legends 2 if they got Backlund. Tough Enough I enjoy normally, hopefully it does take place.
  4. Tough Enough is a colossal failure, really. Practically speaking, they haven't reaped the benefits from the respective winners.
    The greatest benefactor from the Tough Enough Series was The Miz... and he didn't win the competition.
    However, Tough Enough has produced some great talents. Very few of those talents really benefited WWE much.

    Legends House serves its purpose. Interesting characters with tons of stories to tell. They should keep it, if possible.
    Actually, I'd love to see guys like Cena, HHH (though it won't happen) or even Tyson Kidd appear on it in the distant future.
    The premise for the show isn't about the superstars, but the stories and personalities behind the camera
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