Legit Bad Asses

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  1. Who do you think were/are legit bad asses backstage? Actually tough superstars. I'd say Barrett, was a bare knuckle fighter (and champion I believe). Just see his nose.

    Who else? Past or present.
  2. Vader - Shawn apparently bitched about him because he was too stiff with him.
    Booker T also didn't he destroy Batista in a fight backstage?
  3. -Kurt Angle (wrestler, olympic gold medalist)
    -Brock Lesnar (wrestler,NCAA division champ,UFC heavyweight champ)
    -Jack Swagger (american football + wrestling)
    -Wade Barrett (bare knuckle fighter)
    -Alberto Del Rio (mma fighter)

    Used to be Bad Ass (age)
    -Kane (7ft + ripped,Lesnar said he was the strongest in WWE)
    -Mark Henry (Strongest Man event winner or something :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)

    I can't think of anyone else right now.
  4. Kane had a few semi shoot matches in Japan I believe apparently he's seriously tough.
  5. Got a source with the Booker T situation? I'd fucking love that if that's true. Apologies for my language, but Batista is reportedly an absolute douche backstage. Reading his Twitter sort of proves that.

    Forgot to put Kurt and Brock down, there definitely there. As would Kane. Jack Swagger doesn't really seem like a badass to me. Del Rio I reckon could handle himself.
  6. At least he knows to defend himself.
    Knowing how to wrestle would be a huge advantage in a street fight.
  7. Yeah, he's a big ass guy too. But I doubt he has the attitude like a badass. Seems more like a friendly guy who could handle himself if he had to.
  8. Del Rio has had a few MMA matches and the source is here : http://wrestling.insidepulse.com/2006/05/31/48878/ and all over the web looks like Dave hit Booker twice when he wasn't looking but Booker pummeled him.
  9. Kane is a friendly guy too, believe it or not :wohow:
  10. Kane is apparently one of the nicest and most intelligent guys on the roster it's amazing how different he is to the character he potrays so well.

  11. Lmao, epic.

    I believe that, the guy has put over so many young talent. Love Glen.
  12. Lol never heard of that fight. Booker ftw.
  13. Everyone feared me when I was in WWE. No one could take me down.

    Look I was so bad ass that I even had a nice fellow named Gillberg that wanted to be just like me!
  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    @[Goldberg] I love you.
  15. I bet Cody Rhodes is a complete douchebag backstage as well. He just seems like that type of person TBH. Also, I'd say Michael Cole is as well. I bet Miz is one of the nicest guys backstage though.
  16. Nah, Rhodes is apparently quite a nerd according to Orton. Miz is apparently one of the friendliest guys in WWE you're right. Michael Cole is probably a douche though, lol.
  17. – In an interview with WWE Magazine, Ted DiBiase is asked what he won’t miss from his days in The Legacy, to which he replied playing with G.I. Joe action figures. He then relays a bizarre story of Rhodes once seriously asking him to play with said toys.

    “Well, he wanted to play “War,” and I thought it was some video game or card game. Then he pulled all these dolls out of his bag. He lined them up and started making noises like, “Pow! Pow! Boom!” It was just bad,” DiBiase said. “I thought it was a joke, but he told me I needed to take it more seriously. I felt inclined to play along because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Never again.”

    Source : http://www.sescoops.com/wrestling-news/wwe/wwe-to-break-up-lay-cool-cody-rhodes-a-big-fan-of-g-i-joe/

    Cody does seem pretty nerdy lol.
  18. Yeah, dude, when I come back from my back injury and take out Barrett where he stands, I'm going to walk right over to cole, and RKO him through the announcer table :emoji_heart:
  19. L


    I love Cody even more now.