Legit Top 10 Best Wrestlers Last 30 Years

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, Jan 9, 2013.

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    In no particular order

    1. The Rock
    2. Austin
    3. Flair
    4. Hogan
    5. Macho Man
    6. The Undertaker
    7. HBK
    8. Bret Hart
    9. Andre the Giant
    10. HHH

    What changes would you make to this list?
  2. Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson should be some where on there from a technical standpoint alone. He's ranked best wrestler in the world the last 6 or 7 years running as well as a five year streak of most outstanding wrestler. So based on pure skill he should be somewhere in the top if not number 1.
  3. Best wrestlers, performers, technicians, entertainers, which one? It's impossible to just do pound to pound imo.
  4. Come on man you gotta do it on the big stage for a longer peroid of time. If he is still around in 5-7 years and has more WWE titles to his name then maybe.
  5. So what he has done outside of the WWE doesn't matter? Him selling out arenas in Japan is not a factor? Doesn't Bret's work before the WWE factor in? To say that the best wrestlers in the world only work for the WWE or that only WWE matters is pretty naive considering the plethora of wrestling companies outside of the WWE.
  6. Everything combined. Do you have to ask that? Just make a list of the best Superstars in the last 30 years. Instead of dissecting it.
  7. You're mixing wrestling with entertainment.
    Dumb list.
  8. All time? Meh

    1) Austin
    2) Eddie
    3) Rock
    4) Taker
    5) Hogan
    6) HBK
    7) Jericho
    8) Flair
    9) Hart
    10) Macho Man
  9. Im not saying that at all. You gotta stop jumping to conclusions. Putting butts in the seats and making money is a big part of it. It is not naive at all actually. So who would you take off the list then If you are putting in Daniels?


    I guarantee anyone in wrestling would agree with most of list. Don't they all it Sports Entertainment?


    Thats better....was that so hard
  10. Hart
    HBK (I hate him personally but can't deny what he's done)

    This is my opinion in no particular order, except the first two are my fav two obviously.
  11. My list was so bad that most of the wrestlers I used in my list are ending up in others. Go figure
  12. I'm one of the older ones here man, I wouldn't expect too many lists to look like ours. BTW Angle is my number 11, not that anyone cares lol.
  13. The Rock
    The Hogan
    The Jannetty
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  14. LOL best list ever
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