Legitimately pissed off.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Daniel Bryan, the hottest thing in wrestling at the moment, one of the most over guys in WWE is going to be feuding with Kane (it seems) over AJ. Talk about a feud to kill all momentum. This is obviously Vince's doing because he's made someone he didn't make is becoming more successful than his made stars of Sheamus etc.

    DB should be WWE champion by now. No, not because I mark for the guy, it's just common sense.
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  2. I like Kane however I do agree with you. I don't like AJ very much with how she has been acting.
  3. I feared this would happen after he didn't win the title at no way out, and it seems there are plans for Punk VS Cena at sumerslam. So i guess Punk VS Bryan is over now?

    That sucks.
  4. Daniel Bryan should have been the WWE Champion, this is bullshit.
  5. What the hell is the point WWE? Seriously a match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk is probably the best match you can produce with the current faces and heels and you just don't bother? Seriously, adding Kane made sense as long as he would bugger off after No Way Out. Urgh this is so stupid.
  6. How can Vince be so vain? Hasn't Bryan proved his worth since December, he has brought ratings, sold merch and put on 5 star matches. Plus Vince greenlighted Bryans push at TLC so it can't be pure vanity.
  7. They killed Zack Ryder's momentum, now it's time to Kill Daniel Bryan's. :facepalm1:
  8. You seem surprised.
  9. True talent shall overcome. It's up to the fans to keep him over. I think DBry is one of the best talents on the roster. Put him in a fued with Ziggler and no one will be dissapointed

  10. Aj just pure epicness
  11. Ffs, its Riley and Ryder all over again. :annoyed:
  12. I thought Kane was put in there for Bryan to pin him, so Punk's boring reign end with him still looking like a superman. Not for Bryan to feud with Punk over AJ, leave the championship picture completely and for WWE to screw another guy up. Not surprised though. Pissed off too, but not really surprised.
  13. Exactly what I was expecting too, but instead the most over superstar atm is leaving the title scene!? #WWElogic
  14. It's because of that hashtag that I'm not surprised. Their stupid booking knows no boundaries.
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  15. You know, I wouldn't even be surprised if Great Khali won a title soon:upset:
  16. Neither would I, they seem to enjoy random pushes and burials a lot.
  17. After the news of Cena/Punk for Summerslam, this isn't really surprising. At least we might be getting another great match between Punk/Bryan at MITB.
  18. Wow just wow....not only are they NOT putting one of their best divas in the ring anymore, they're going to make this feud? They should have an award for such a stupid idea.
  19. To be fair, the bright side is that the feud won't really be bad. I read Bryan and Kane had a pretty good match on Smackdown and maybe after this is over, Bryan can somehow find his way back into the title picture. Since Kane is a heel and since Bryan is (supposedly, from what I read) getting more and more face cheers, they could use this feud as an excuse to finally turn Bryan face somehow. Maybe that's their logic.
  20. I also see this outcome: Kane, being one of the most selfless guys in the business is using his mainstay position to put Bryan over with the casuals. Punk has gone over guys like Cena and stood foot to foot with Triple H as well as Jericho. Kane is helping cement Bryan in a way.
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