Leicester vs west ham.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else watching this ? If west ham don't win Southampton go up in second place. It's on Sky Sports 1 btw.
  2. No.

    Pity post.
  3. Would have if I saw this thread.

    Who won in the end? Cba to go find out.

    I want West Ham promoted :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. West Ham took it 2 - 1, Jack Collison hit a belter. So now they're 2 points behind with 1 game left for 2nd other wise it's the playoffs.
  5. Damnn I don't see them winning the play-offs for some reason. COME on hammers!
  6. I can't see anyone stopping them tbh, except possibly Birmingham. Blackpool and Cardiff would be the other 2 teams currently.
  7. It's not their ability I doubt - it's their constant choking at important moments.
  8. They did look slightly shakey at times today, especially when Leicester nearly got a 2nd at the death but under Big Sam I can see them doing it. He's always been a master motivator but the play offs are always a lottery so we'll just have to wait.
  9. Meh, how are Wednesday doing anyway?
  10. Not bad actually 3rd but since Ched got sent down, we've got a really good chance of taking 2nd.
  11. You beating your rivals United?
  12. Nope they're 2nd there is a point in it but their main striker got locked up for 5 years ( You've probably heard about it the Ched Evans case) so there is a good chance we'll catch 'em.
  13. Oh I see, yeah I heard about that, what did he do again?
  14. Raped some lass with another ex Man City player. Don't know much more about it tbh.
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