News Lemmy Kilmister Passes Away

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    I am so sad to hear this news and I geniunely thought the guy was immortal. Motorhead doing Triple H's music was just awesome and Motorhead was always one of those bands that I would listen to and WWE was how I got into these guys. This news literally came out of nowhere too.

  2. Shit am in shock, loved his work for Hawkwind pre moterhead. RIP
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  3. Damn! Sad, sad news!

    RIP Lemmy
  4. Shitty news. Grew up listening to Motorhead and a lot of classic Heavy Metal. This stings as much as it did when Dio died.
  5. Damn shame Lemmy was an absolute legend in my eyes
  6. RIP Lemmy Kilmister. I was never a big fan of his music, but he influenced some of my favorite people ever and I always admired his passion and true rock voice.