Lesnar 2012 Return Unlikely

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  1. Source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/sports/01/04/12/lesnar’s-wwe-return-unlikely-2012

    So, it looks like we won't be seeing Lesnar till possibley WM 29?
  2. "and doing so while not even making the live Raw events that lead into it,” he said."

    Well how can he have a match with 0 build up? I'm still not convinced he'll stay retired from the UFC. If he wants a big payday he'll return to octagon not the WWE. More money in MMA at the moment.
  3. I generally think it's over. I also think 2012 is also unlikely, unless very near the end of it. Maybe the 1000th episode this year he'll spark something. But yeah Wrestlemania 2013 will be the one I think he'll be at.

    He doesn't need to be at house shows either, 4 RAW's and 1 PPV a month isn't serious travelling at all.
  4. But @[seabs], Lesnar said he don't need the money, so it doesn't really matter on the pay. Truth is, He'll probably never be back in the WWE besides a few guest appearances here and there.
  5. I meant that comment more to the argument of he'll come for the mania payday. Saying that he could earn more from a 5 minute fight then he could a 30 minute match. I've read that Brock doesn't need the money but I meant it more if he wanted the payday.
  6. I honestly think that he just wants the fan base that WM provides
  7. I don't think Brock really cares about the fans. I remember him talking about how he dislikes fans approaching him in public in his book.
  8. WM payday is quite a lot though... I reckon it'd challenge the amount he gets for UFC. Wrestlemania is so much bigger than UFC also, despite the payday, most people would want to be apart of it.

    Also, @[RKO] if Lesnar did ever return it won't be some random guest host thing, I mean he's 34; if he was to return it'd be part of a likely small story-line to put over a major face.
  9. How old is The Rock? He's not that old.

    Also, in one of your prvious posts in one of my threads, you said Rock won't retrn because he's this huge movie star? Well, so is Cena and Triple H, but Triple H not so much.
  10. Rock is 39, 40 this year.

    Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is a a-list superstar... he's been in MAJOR movies. Cena/Triple H are no where near his movie status. Cena has been in Marine yeah and has had better movies than HHH but Cena is no where near Rock's movie status at all lmao. They've been in WWE created movies. Rock was one of the main stars in Fast & Furious and broke many records with that film.
  11. Cena has been in Legendary, 12 Rounds, The Marine... He's made a countless amount of TV show appearances... He's a big movie star. Not as big as Rocky, but he has made better quality movies, (Besides Fast Five).
  12. Cena isn't a big movie star. If you ask someone to name John Cena's job they'll say pro wrestler not actor. In the case of Dwayne Johnson they'd say actor former wrestler.
  13. None of those were big movies... did any of them even hit cinemas?

    Rock is going to be in Fast & Furious 6, G.I Joe, Snitch, Empire State.. those are massive movies. He was in "The Other Guys" which is another movie that did well in cinemas with some other leading actors like Will Ferral.

    Cena is not even close to Rock's movie status lol.
  14. I'm not saying Cena is.. My point is if Cena can star in multiple movies and wrestle, Why can't Rocky?

    "None of those were big movies... did any of them even hit cinemas?"

    All of them did in the U.S. where I live.
  15. Cena is nowhere near to a big movie star.

    Edit: Totally forgot this thread was about Lesnar and not about Rock/Cena. :banana:
  16. Rock is a full-time actor, Cena acts for WWE Studio films.
  17. Cena is still a great actor.
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