Spoiler Lesnar accidentally hits fan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Look at where the piece flies off, it hits the kid in the blue shirt hard. Damn.

  2. We'll be hearing about a lawsuit in the next week or two.
  3. Considering the kid was back to watch the main event and enjoying themselves I wouldn't be so sure on there being a lawsuit incoming. Not to mention that car door looks fake as fuck. Car doors are heavy, yet that dude in the crowd picks it up like it was nothing more than a piece of plastic and holds it over his head.
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  4. Yeah, I figured that something was up when Lesnar grabbed it by the inside. You'd think that picking it up like that would've left some cuts on his hands, but nope, not a scratch.
  5. Well, it was a Cadillac. The insides of those are all plastic. Wouldn't surprise me if he actually ripped the insides off and launches that into the crowd.
  6. I was wondering which direction that door went because they cut away from Brock right when he threw it if I recall. I thought for a second that he actually threw that motherfucker all the way up the aisle and over the ring and over Rollins' head lol. Considering Brock's immense and freakish strength, I can almost believe he could do it.
  7. I wish Lesnar would throw a car door at me tbh. I'd make a twitter and facebook page about it.
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  8. I liked how the announcers never even acknowledged that it flew into the crowd even after watching the slow mo replay.

    Also - WWE taking a page out the Street Fighter II bonus stage I see. Perfect?
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  9. Lesnar would talk about the incident, but it hurts his head to think :emoji_wink:
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  10. Tee hee!

    That cardboard looked painful.
  11. My sig suits that quote
  12. Strong people problems
  13. It musn't feel great to know you hurt someone who wasn't expecting it.
  14. I remember seeing Lesnar doing this and I had no idea a piece of it hit a kid, but I remember thinking even though Lesnar is pretty damn strong there is no way he could throw a car door that far in the air. I am glad the kid wasn't hurt though.
  15. He must have been very angry at the time.
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