Lesnar allowed to 'blade'?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Nah, Reigns must've dropped his Suplex City ticket, Chioda was just giving it back.

    It's funny, though, I thought Brock did that shit legit.
  3. This all goes to show that Brock Lesnar is the only one on the roster that actually has the BALLS to bleed during a match
  4. I actually thought it may have been accidental at first. It makes sense that they would save the use of blood for a special moment like this, but at the same time I thought the same when HHH busted Brock's skull open by slamming him head-first into the ring post during their brawl on Raw back in 2013 (especially since Lesnar walked away laughing even while blood poured down his face) and yet that was apparently an accident too, if I recall.
  5. But i thought Brock's head was bleeding like right after he smashed into the ring post?

    So Roman went into the ring, gave it to Brock...Then Brock cut himself and smashed into the ring post?
  6. I'm pretty sure only the mouth blood could be faked, it looks legit under the eye, and on the top of his skull. That match was just awesome.
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  7. Taking ring posts legit is also a fine way to get some color.
  8. I thought the ring post incident was legit but if people are saying it was a blade job then I really couldn't give a shit. Maybe WWE are growing balls and TV-14 on the horizon? (Probably not but how cool would it be)
  9. The ring post bust looked legit to me. I'm happy to continue to believe it too, tbh.
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  11. I hate these people that 'expose the business' <insert JR emoticon here>
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  12. How did he blade? If you look at the match - Lesnar had no gloves or anything to hold the blade. Second, Lesnar had his hands wide open when he ran into the post. Lesnar's done this before. His brawl with Triple H on RAW for their WrestleMania 29 build. Give him enough money and he'll do anything, including running his head into a post to bleed.
  13. WWE Issues Statement On Brock Lesnar 'Blade Job' Speculation From WrestleMania 31

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...t-on-brock-lesnar-blade-job-speculation-from/
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  14. Also I was reading the comments on LOP. People are saying that WWE's ditching it's morals to put over Reigns:russo:
  15. And it's things like this that show why WWE has a safety protocol in place

  16. Has to be a blade job. The only REAL sport in the world is Football(Soccer).
  17. How the fuck is that a blade job? More like a carving with a knife job. WWE should allow a blade job in times like WrestleMania/Summer Slam or Hell in a Cell and so on to make it more special.
  18. From what I heard about that, that wound was actually from a chair shot to the head
  19. That looks nasty as hell. Hope the guy is still alive.
  20. It was a blade job you tards lol. Why else would the ref have given Reigns a blade during the match? It also bled like a blade job. Cuts flow completely differently when done the hard way
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