Lesnar and Y2J backstage altercation

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  2. Lol Lesnar is such a dick.
  3. Jericho worked himself into a shoot,brother.
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  4. Triple H defended Jericho? Those are words I never thought I'd hear.

    But why was Hayes being all secretive about the match?
  5. This is fake obviously.. You expect people to believe they got into a heated argument because Jericho was worried about Orton.. Jericho is smarter than that.. If they're going to make something up like that, come up with a better reason.
  6. What a BS report. lmao
  7. It is either a rumor or a work. Either way, as I mentioned in another thread... It's all for talks and show. :smug:
  8. Lesnar should just go back to UFC for good, sick of his shit matches!
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