Lesnar at NOC?

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  1. This seems obvious to me.

    Punk goes over Axel.
    Axel has to go backstage
    Punk turns to Heyman
    Maybe chases him around the ring
    Corners him
    Paul begs for mercy



    to set up the next match.

    It's too early in the feud for Heyman to get his comeuppance. Plus HHH's words on Raw "I don't see a way for you to weasel your way out of this one" tells us that obviously he will.
  2. I think they might drag this stuff out. Like Axel/Punk at BattleGround.
  3. Meh, boring/10
  4. People were saying that WWE have used all his dates for this year. If they did have some left, they wouldn't waste them on a small, cameo appearance that couldn't affect PPV buys.

    Punk v Brock II @ HIAC or WM30 would be cool
  5. dear god no. please




    make it stop
  6. It's not like WWE can't be like "hey brock, here is more money, appear a few more times"
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  7. great post
  8. Hero debuts as a new Heyman guy.
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  9. I know I'm awesome, no need to dedicate a post to that...

    Anyways, I'll explain why I said it because I know you want to know it. I think it'd be boring to see that happening again. Yeah, Bork is the beast and he kicks people's asses, but seeing every time the same story is boring imo.
  10. He didn't say you were awesome.
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    There's actually rumors of a new "Paul Heyman Guy" debuting at NOC by saving Heyman from Punk. This allows Punk to go from feuding with Axel to the new guy (speculation is that Corey Graves is the guy, given all the "Stay Down" references from Heyman lately.)

    I've thought it obvious for awhile that Punk/Lesnar would end their rivalry (and thus, Punk/Heyman would end theirs) in the cell given that the annual HIAC PPV is so close to their first encounter at Summerslam. Punk going over Lesnar in the cell (Lesnar has only had one cell match and that was defeating Undertaker cleanly eleven years ago) would be huge for him. But recent reports say that plan is off and that if Punk/Lesnar happens again at all, it could be at Wrestlemania 30. Brock definitely won't be appearing on a B-PPV without being advertised. They wouldn't have him appear on a more prestigious PPV like MITB, so I doubt they'd do it here.
  12. :yes:

  13. I don't care if you think it would be boring or not, this thread is discussing the possibility of it happening.
  14. Of course it can happen, but I don't think it'll happen at NoC because then we should see Punk/Lesnar II at Hell in a Cell.
  15. oh wow. Fuck Cory Graves lmao
  16. Since it's a new Heyman person.....obviously Paige is gonna come out and beat the fuck out of CM Punk.
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  17. Yeah, and Kaitlyn will then come out and beat the fuck out of Mark Henry and Big Show together...
  18. I don't see Punk?Lesnar to happening because if it happens again Punk would have to win otherwise it's just a waste of Brock's limited days with WWE. I think Brock coming off of a win would be more better suited to take on The Rock like it's been speculated, rather than to come off a loss to Punk and face Rock, especially since Rock beat Punk twice. You could say Brock winning against Punk twice, but honestly I think Summerslam was as far as that feud was going to go.
  19. While I'm sure the match would be as awesome as the first (especially if it took place inside the cell), I think I'd prefer if Punk/Brock II never happened. It'd be nice to see Brock get a win over an opponent without the 50/50 booking of having to then job to him in a rematch later. It allows Brock to go into his next match with a fresh opponent looking strong and also allows Punk to get revenge on Heyman (the rivalry mainly exists between Punk and Heyman anyhow, not Punk and Brock) in a way that doesn't really need to involve Brock anymore at this point. Plus, Punk was put over well enough in the Summerslam match by clearly showing he took Brock to his limit.

  20. Obviously you're being facetious, but Paige probably could beat the fuck out CM Punk. lol
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