MMA News Lesnar at UFC 200

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jun 4, 2016.

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  2. Lesnar is not physically able to compete in UFC again.

    His own words.
  3. So does this mean no more Brock in the WWE? Or is it a special agreement between UFC and WWE?
  4. inb4 work

    inb4 Punk
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  5. No way they're gonna put Punk against Lesnar.

    1.) Punk will die

    :hmm: not that bad...
  6. Here's my perspective on it.

    Lesnar is under contract to the WWE until 2018. His previous run in the UFC did nothing but help his WWE character. Having Lesnar go and fight in the UFC while still fulfilling his dates in the WWE could only be good for Vince McMahon. I will assume that it is real and will probably help both UFC and WWE in the process.
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  7. I can see him going back to face a jobber... *cough cough*
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  8. I suspect it to be a trade off.

    Lesnar is gonna go to UFC, make a lot of money for UFC and more money for WWE in the long run. His character will be hyped up, as a jack of all trades. In turn, WWE gets an appearance from Rousey, possibly, against Charlotte at SummerSlam or WrestleMania.

    I assume Vince McMahon sees this as a win/win and it is.
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  9. Absolutely
  10. Just hope McMahon doesn't turn into Inoki...:pity1:
  11. Is Rousey even relevant anymore though? She kind of lost her mystique, I don't think people really care about her anymore.
  12. Lol so what happens to Brocks WWE character if he goes out to UFC 200 and gets the shit kicked out of him?

    Either way I wanna see it though
  13. there's like a teaser video of it, but can't seem to find it.
  14. This is the only one I have seen him in but a lot of guys are shown here.

  15. Nah, it's not that. I found it tho, except it's in a shitty small screen.

    thanks tho
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  16. Ah that one. I think that was trending but taken down quite a few times. I only seen still frames of it.
  17. ayyy you found the full version.
    I wouldn't know. don't use twitter unless I'm stalking someone.
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