News Lesnar beats The Viper at the house show in Chicago

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Brock and Orton rematch at a house show in Chicago was bull to start with but to have Randy lose both matches do you guys think he should have lost both matches to Brock?

  2. Orton lost again? Surprise, surprise.

    The question here is why would he accept to work the rematch anyway?
  3. They must be paying him some big bucks to put him through that Summerslam match. They must be building towards a rematch at a big pay-per-view where Orton can scrape a win surely?
  4. IDK but it should have been televised it could have been On Clash of champions
  5. Nope, that is so not happening. The guy who will beat Lesnar is Reigns and nobody else.
  6. Shame.

    The only reason I can see Orton doing this is a bucks then.
  7. Yes, you are most likely correct.
  8. No, that wouldn't make sense, as CoC isn't a joint show. It's a RAW-exclusive PPV.

    And that "rematch" from Chicago last night was probably their last encounter. Bork destroyed Orton on both occasions, so he shouldn't bother stepping into the ring with Orton again.
  9. I'm aware it is not a joint show my point was it would have been nice to see the 2nd fight televised and why not put it on COC they could have ran the same angle RAW vs SD Live match the rematch it's the same storyline why not? Would have been another nice match to see on COC
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