Hell in a Cell Lesnar may not compete at HIAC due to health problems?!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, Sep 24, 2014.

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    PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar may not be scheduled at all for Hell In a Cell pay-per-view next month unless plans change.

    We reported yesterday that although Lesnar was not scheduled for Monday's Raw creative had originally planned for Heyman to set up for HIAC however that was nixed at the last minute.


    WWE issued a statement to The Washington Post today in which they refute the rumors that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar missed Monday's Raw due to problems with his heart.

    The Washington Post carried a rumor from WhatCulture.com which implied that Lesnar has been dealing with health issues due to him sweating profusely and turning purple in his face shorty into his match against John Cena at Sunday's Night Of Champions pay-per-view.

    WWE's brief statement read: "no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar's health."


    This is, of course, just pure speculation but what if it was true? Hmmm...

    What do you guys think?
  2. What...the fuck? His heart? That's awful
  3. Highly doubt it.

    Lesnar's been sweating like a pig 15 seconds into a match since his return. Same with turning purple.
  4. It's 'roids.

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  5. Brock Lesnar has problems with his heart? That's obvious. The guy's quit every job he has. Of course, he has problems with his heart.
    Now, Daniel Bryan has heart. That guy never quits. He married a Bella, didn't he?
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  6. He has been ordered to shriek like a crazed woman anytime he feels his face begin turning purple.
  7. Brock's new gimmick = Purple headed yogurt slinger
  8. is Brock still married to Sable?

    also shame he could have potential health problems hopefully he's okay in the longterm of things.
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  9. This stinks, what will happen if Brock has to give up the title and vacate it?
  10. Yup, he still bangs her.
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  11. So Brock was wrestling these 20-minute matches and people thought he had a bad heart? :dawg:
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  12. I don't think I believe this.....not to say he may not be having any health issues....I mean he really has a bad history with health, regardless.

    I think Brock is just going to take this PPV off simply because WWE doesn't want to pay him for it. I feel this is the dumbest thing WWE could do right now...but more power to them.
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  13. it would be one of the worst years for injuries and titles changing hands because of it....it would be really bad.
  14. I read some shit about Bork just taking it off, denying the new pay deal because he wanted too. I think this is a perfect example of where a great deal could continually go really terribly for WWE (if true, which i doubt) If he takes off HIAC it's because the ppv has sucked the last two years at least (i wouldnt remember before it) and is a waste of his time. Of course his heart may be a little fucked up, but I don't even need Bork as a competing champ every ppv, i'd rather see Heyman stick it to HHH with the mercenary angle like a boss and tell HHH to make Brock compete. He keeps the belt, HHH gives some shitbag like Orton the belt (stopping Reigns from even considering cashing in for the time being) and Orton jobs out to other people. Bork shouldnt be there 3+ times a month.

  15. I agree. So much of WWE's business strategy is dependent upon the success of the WWE Network. I haven't paid attention to the number of subscribers lately, but if they haven't reached their goal of 1 million yet, keeping the World Heavyweight Champion off of a pay per view event is an extremely bad idea. Although I actually subscribe and I love the old stuff, the main selling point of the network is the PPVs and

    Putting the belt on Brock Lesnar was a good idea, in my view, because he is one of the few current wrestlers who is widely recognizable beyond the scope of professional wrestling fans. However, the point of having him as champion at this point should be his ability to bring viewers to RAW and either sell a PPV or a network subcription. Is Lesnar misses most of the RAWs and then does not show up at all the PPVs, there really is no point in having him as champion. Having Lesnar hold the title as an unbeatable monster so he can eventually put over a younger talent is more of a gamble.

    Not being on RAW is borderline, but not defending at every pay per view is a terrible business decision. Regardless of how much they have to pay Lesnar to perform, they need to pay it.
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  16. Then there would be no benefit to everything he has done this year. He broke the streak, destroyed John Cena and built up this invincible monster gimmick, and if he vacates the title, then WWE gains nothing from any of this. Lesnar would walk away appearing completely superior to everyone in the business.

    On the other hand, I would much rather have WWE lose all of this than to have Lesnar really risk his health if he does have heart problems.
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  17. As much as I would've loved to see Bork ruin Cena in the Cell, they could still put on a PPV up to par to the last few years which haven't been that great without him.
  18. As lockard mentioned in another post, brock could skip the royal rumble ppv and pull it off. But missing a HITC match ... Stupid... It would be great to see him in there. Or him missing Survivor series... Imagine having team lesnar vs team cena. Great.

    Then www tlc.... Brock in a tlc match = gold
  19. I'd much rather see Brock miss Survivor Series. The idea of Team Lesnar against Team Cena, just no. Brock would beat all his teammates' asses anyway. One thing Brock isn't is a team player.
  20. I just feel that team Lesnar vs. team Cena would draw more than Brock simply defending his belt at the Rumble. He should be in all the bigger match situations where he can excel.
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