Lesnar then and now...

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  1. Now

  2. And still you call him fat


    Edit: Realised you were bias on what pictures you chose so I found another "now" pic.

  3. Ok... Lost a ood ammount of muscle that turned into flab.. happy?
  4. Brock isn't fat at all, in those pictures he's at weigh ins so his weight needs to be low. Brock probably walked around at about 280 even with MMA training so he'd have to cut drastically to loose that extra 15LBs.
  5. Obese.
  6. Different pose you posted... I picked two of the same poses @[Censorious]
  7. Okay, I now don't consider you a Brock mark.
  8. Yours is to the side also.

    Remember this is from a photoshoot so airbrush is likely but it's the same angle and similar pose.
  9. Now that, my friend, isn't fat.
  10. He looks pretty similar now tbh.
  11. I call it roids!
  12. He's lost muscle mass, not added fat at all. I prefer it, he's more agile than ever.
  13. look at those lats! :gusta:
  14. To be honest, RKO is pretty dumb if you think about it.
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  15. Who's "RKO"? The only "RKO" on here is @[rko], and I don't think he's dumb.

    To be honest, CM Punk is no longer straight edge, but who cares?
  16. Whoops, I meant @[Brock Lesnar].
  17. Looks in good shape there. Hopefully he can put on some more muscle now hes back in WWE
  18. @[CM Punk] is perpetually dumbfounded when it comes to comparing people.. If you would read thoroughly, you would realize I said he was fatter than what he once was.. Never once did I say he was @[Leviathan] level fat..
  19. 13st 5.
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